About the Center for Cultural Arts

2018 GCAF Donors

Greater than $50,000

City of Gadsden

$25,001 - $50,000

Alabama State Council on the Arts

Dr. and Mrs. Elias Ghafary

Estate of Dr. and Mrs. William H. Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Tim McCartney

Etowah Community Development Committee

$10,001 - $25,000

Life Insurance Company of Alabama

Exchange Bank of Alabama

Alabama Power Company Foundation

Buffalo Rock Bottling Co.

$5,001 - $10,000

Howard Core Company

Regions Bank

The Gadsden Times

$4,001 - $5,000

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama

Elisabeth Hardin

Dr. and Mrs. William N. Haller, III

$3,001 - $4,000

Coca Cola

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Lackey

Dr. and Mrs. Salem Saloom

Greater Gadsden Area Tourism

Riverview Regional Medical Center

Mr. and Mrs. John Larkins

Gadsden Service Guild

Mr. and Mrs. John McFarland

Ms. Kay Moore

$2,001 - $3,000

Ms. Joyce A. Parker

Regions Tradition Foundation, Inc.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites

Dr. Julie and Mr. Lance Smith

Kiwanis Club of Gadsden

Knowles & Sullivan, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Condra

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hollar

Facebook Payments, Inc.

The Myers Institute of Plastic and Hand Surgery, PC

Dr. William N. Haller, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Shepard Midgley

Dr. and Mrs. Merle Wade

$1,501 - $2,000

Pei-Ling Charitable Trust

Wells Fargo Foundation

Dr. Noorkarim Nagji

Ann and Dave Cummans

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lipscomb

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gregerson

Mayor Sherman Guyton

Mr. Walter Duke

Mr. and Mrs. James McArthur

Don and Lisa Thacker

Ms. Tina Gregerson

Gadsden Regional Medical Center

Mr. Allen Ray

Gifts of $1,500

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Causey

Mr. Clarence W. Daugette III

Drs. Mark and Cynthia Hill

Dr. and Mrs. Jed L. Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Lowe

MDA Professional Group

Mrs. Jesse M. Moore

Mrs. Jack L. Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Ray R. Renfrow, Jr.

Shannon, Banks & Smith, Inc.

John and Jennifer Troncale

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E . Watts, Jr.

Blackstone Pub and Eatery

Dowdy's Office Equipment

Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hill

$1,001 - $1,499

Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Prime

Mrs. Amanda Fowler

Ms Angela Rayburn

Dr. Portia Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Riseborough

$901 - $1,000

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boos

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Chandonnet

Serendipity Dance Club

Ms Kandice Gupta

$801 - $900

River Bank & Trust

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kimberley

Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhea

Mamta Mishra

Charlotte Hindman

$701 - $800

Ms. Brenda Elliott

Gadsden Music Club

Drs. Terry & Maria Perry

Alley's Carpet

Elizabeth Haney

Ms. Carolyn Parker

$601 - $700

Gadsden Music Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hildebrant

Hampton Inn

Gadsden Lighting

G & G Inventory

Rachel Pugh

$501 - $600

Mrs. Barbara Overholtzer

Dr. and Mrs. W. Webb Sledge

Mr. Gates Little

The Alabama Gift Company

Bama Bred

Julia Harwell Segars

John Williams

Ms. Robin Simon

Family Savings Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hedgspeth

Andy and Allison Vann

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gagliardo

$401 - $500

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boatner

Mrs. Susie Dempsey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Freriks

Carmela and Luis Garcia

Mrs. Faye Graves

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Keck

Keith Davis Realty Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Masters

Modern Woodmen of America

Dr. and Mrs. Dinesh Parmar

Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.

Ronnie Watkins Ford

Ms. Katherine G. Rowe

Ms. Helena Salame

Wal-Mart Super Center

Fifteen 25 on the drive

Southern Cardiovascular Associates, PC

James and Sherry Storey

Mr. and Mrs. Cody Robinson

Mr. Ralph Burke

Derrick Griffey

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Self

$301 - $400

Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Grissett

Alabama Teacher's Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Ellison

Amber Albright

Hannah Closet Inc

Local Joes

Shannon McCullars

Carol Stephens

The Willow Tree

Diane Tuttle

Linda A. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Hil McWhorter

Sonja Beddingfield

Mr. and Mrs. Allan I. Morris

Advanced Imaging of Gadsden

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Back

Mrs. Catherine Martin

Dr. and Mrs. Clay Rowe

Mr. Mike Gagliardo

Ms. Martha Elrod

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Maise


Mr Richard Bohanon

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Cusimano

Ms. Anita Hill

Mr. Alex L. Holtsford

Mr. DeLeath Rives

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sisson

Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Thompson

Mr. Brett Wilborn and Dr. Lisa Jones Wilborn

Cassandra Johnson

Parris Law Firm, P.C.

Emily Roundy

Bone Realty

Creative Cakes and Cookies


Eiland Chiropractic

King's Olive Oil


Nothing Bundt Cake

Sheena Phillips

Jessica Millican

Mrs. Charlotte Cohn

Steve Cashio

Dr. and Mrs. Seth Spotnitz

John Welch

BAP Agency, LLC

DeSoto Fiber Guild

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Early

Dr.and Mrs. R. S. Frederick

Gadsden Inn & Suites, Inc.

Mr. Randy Lee

Mrs. Victoria Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Benny McNair

Emily Mills

Mr. and Mrs. David Mobley

Mr. Phil Owen

Safeway Industrial Services

The Decorator Store

Linda Barrett Vaughan

Councilman Deverick Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Williams

WinSouth Credit Union

Absolute Fitness of Etowah County, LLC

Jeff Archer

Ms. Michele Atkins and Ms. Shelby Cochran

Mrs. Susan Barclay

Batey & Sanders, Inc.

David Beason

Perry Bryan

Regina Carrell

Jackie Carroll

Judy Christian

Franklin Graham

Bettye Malcolm Grant

Hilda Gray

Mr. Robert McKay

Nell Minton

Bill Moon

Morris Building Constructors, Inc.

Jerome OBryant

Peoples Bank

Kyle Pierce

Dick Scott

Davis Varner

Dr. and Mrs. Richard J Wells

Wildwood Properties Rentals and Development, LLC

Denise Willett

Jeffery E Wright

Eugenia D Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Anderman

Market America

Karen Wheeler

Denise Bennett

Annette Cobb

$101 - $200

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Behrens

Ms. Mary Sue Cowell

Mr. and Mrs Jim Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Frederick

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Groover

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Helderman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Huff

Ms. A.T. Lonnergan

Mrs. Mariella McNair

Dr. and Mrs. Lew Mitchell

Rhea, Boyd and Rhea

Smith & Bailey Dental

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Welch

Mrs. Judi Beaird

Phillip Mayne

Brittany Miller

Chasity Rogers

1971 Clothing

Alabama Publishing Group & App Gadsden

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Butler

Cotton & Kudzu

Eric Anthony Crabtree

Cunningham Law Firm

April Daugherty

Dr. Murray Riggins

Laura Ealy

Elizabeth's Gourmet Creations

Emma Goodwin

Gravel Men's and Women's Apparel

Jennifer Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harris, `

How Eventful, LLC

Jessica Humphries

Brook Hutt

Jireh's Boutique

Jonathan Horton

Daphne F Kelly

LaToya Kendrick

Knight Knight Photos and Stories

Lake Life Pearl Girl

Stephanie Lane

Christy Mabry

Maw Maw's Marinara

Madison Mcdill

Hollie Miller

Nubian Gods Authentic African Attire

Alana F Ozment

Shelby Primm

Sarah Cavender

Slaw Lady

Southern Roots Gift Boutique LLC

Suzannah's Vintage Treasures & More

Councilwoman Cynthia Toles

Triton Health Systems, L.L.C.

Lindsey Turner

Jim and Carol Waldrop

Kelly Whisenant

Wills Creek Vineyard at the Mill

Yucatan Trading, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. George Hightower

Sew Nice Embroidery And Gifts

Brandon Stevens

Ms. Stefanie Lopez

Lindsay Brannon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Haller

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Howell

Judge and Mrs. Wayne Owen

Dr. and Mrs. Hemant Sinha

Ms. Becky Snead

Surgical Associates of Gadsden

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Sutton

Tuxedo Inn

Alesia Dunlap

Candice Gourdouras

Ms Lee Moates

Anna Tow

Kathy West

Joy Chaffin

Paula Martinez

Amanda Hindsman

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cleveland

Alicia Henderson

Downtown Dance Conservatory

Barbara Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Struntz

Mrs. Bobbie Freeman and Mrs. Annette Burns

Sylvia Fincher

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hiltz

Mrs. Claudia Jermyn

Abbie Ashley

Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Casey

Dr. Bukola Eta

Linh Hayes

Kadie Nowak

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Parnell

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Tang

Valerie Alexander

Mr. Bryant Banks

Stan Coley

Mary Eller and Roy Smith

Karon and David Link

up to $100

Ms. Jessica Adcock

Rep. and Mrs. Robert Aderholt

Nnenna Akubue

Chief Michael Anderson

Laura Ansley

Mr. and Mrs. Franco Antonelli

Shannon Arruda

Mr. and Mrs. Bo Arthur

Linda Austin

Michael Bagley

Della Barber

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Barnes

Cendy Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barrett, Jr.

Danielle Barrientos

Amber Basinger

Ms. Debra Battles

Ms. Jean P. Beasley

John Randy Beason

Toni Bell

Mr. and Mrs. James Bennett

Stan Bennett

Monica Bittinger

Jill Blackmon

Brian Blair

Bryan Blevins

Mr. Don Borg and Mrs. Nancy Miller-Borg

Kim Bowman

Susan Brady

Thrisa Brittain

Paul Brock

Deborah Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown, Jr

Donna Faye Brown

Kevin Brown

Patrick Brown

Bobby Bruce

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bryan

Heather Bryant

Lynn Bryant

Stefanie Bryant

Jamie Bullington

Lynn Bunt

Kendale Burgess

Rachel Burma

Mark Burnett

Cathy Burns

Rita Burns

Randy Burrage

Shannon Byers

Scottie Cain

Ashley Campbell

Jenna Campbell

Jon Mark Campbell

Brandie Cardwell

LaVerne Cardwell

The Carlisto Family

Santana Carlton

Dr. and Mrs. Ben Carr

Ireasha Carter

Heather Casey

Nick Chambers

Reed Chambers

Teresa D. Chapman

Carol Chesnut

Courtney Christopher

Linda Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. David Clokey, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cody

Sylvia Coleman

Summer Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Connell

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cornutt

Rikki Garrard Cosper

Joseph Cox

Sherry Cox

Dr. Eric Crabtree and Emily Crabtree

Genia Craft

Emily Crane

Kristi Cruz

Hope Daniel

Amanda Daniels

Katie Darden

Ms. Jill Davenport

Jaime Davidson

Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Davis

Lisa Davis

Teresa Detwiler

Gretchen Devries

Lauren Dill

Mary Dill

Jennifer Dodd

Janice Doty

Lauren Dover

Chase and Kelly Dowdy

Joseph and Elaine Doyle

Jamie Dunagan

Sherry Dunston

Ms. Shirley DuPont

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dupree

Bonnie F Durham

Debbie Echols

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Edge

Kinzie Edgeworth

Younes Elfenne

Sherrie Ellison

Mandy Elmore

Stephanie Evans

Rosalie Farmer

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Feazell

Mary Feeley

Patricia Fethke

Mr. and Mrs. David Finlayson

Jerry Flowers

April Ford

Brandy Forsyth

Amanda Free

Loren Frick

Kelli Frix

Phillip E Fuhrman

Dr. Webb Sledge

Anthony Gajda

Robin Gann

Mary Gardner

Kaitlyn Garlinger

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Garmon

Ryan and Randi Garner

Tiffany Garrett

Kristin Gebhardt

Jennifer Gervais

Patricia Gilliland

Mr. and Mrs. Ragan Godfrey

Jeremy Goodwin

Nila Gorham

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Graben

Debbie Gramling

Angela Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gray

Sabrina Gray

Kristin Greer

Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Gregerson, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Griffin

Jan Griffin

Anthony Gubbels

Ms. Caroline Haberer

Brooke Williams Haley

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haller

Brittany Handley

Shallyn Hanson

Alexandria Harden

LTC and Mrs. Carl Harrison

Rachel Haskins

Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Hawkins

Emily Hayes

Micah Hays

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hedgspeth, Jr.

Don Helms

Sandy Helms

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Henslee

Erin Herren

Glenn Hicks

Stephanie Hilyer

Mr. J Scott Hindsman

Clay Hix

Belva Hopper

Jodie Hosey

Beth Hughes

Jamie Hughes

DeShannon Hulsey

Karen Jenkins

Connie Jennings

Kathleen Jester

Ms. Angie Johnson

Melissa Joiner

Angela and Timothy Jones

Carrie Jones

Tamara Jones

Tammy Juricich

Oliver A. Kaiser , Jr.

Shauna Kalinoski

Gayathri Kandasamy

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Keelin

Brianna Kelly

Tina Kelly

Mrs. Erica Skidmore

Lauren Knight

Merry Kay Lambert

Mr. and Mrs. John Lancaster

Ryan Lancaster

Kim Lands

Jeremy and Rebecca Lankford

Jeremy and Hunter Lasseter

Mr. Bill Leach

Mikayla LeCroy

Robert Lee

Jamie Ligon

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Lister

Ms. Nancy Loconto

Janice Lusk

Caitlin Lynch

Angela Macon

Tim MacTaggart

Ms. Jennifer Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. James Martin, Jr.

Jeff and Belinda Martin

Steven C Martinez

Ms. Kayla Matthews

Thomasa Maye

Jennifer Mayhall

Carmela McAllister

Lisa McCartney

Bray McCormick

Angie McDaniel

Mr. and Mrs. Carl McDuff

Barry McEwen

Bethany McGlaun

Shane and Jessica McLeod

Morgan Means

Dana Medders

Mr. and Mrs. James Miller

Johnny Miller

Briana Mintz

Rachel Mitchell

Pradnesh Mohare

Mike Montgomery

Annah Grace Morgan

Mr. Edward Morris

Meagan Morris

Moxie Salon

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Mullin

Charla Murray

LaGala Mynatt

Kim Nail

Judith Naughton

Skylar Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. Lucian Newman, Jr.

Carolyn Nichols

Laura Nicholson

Cindy Norris

Dennis Nunnelly

Megan O'Shields

Priscilla Oakes

Jeffery Ohmberger

Johny Ortiz

Carla Martin Osborn

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Page

Kelly Parris

Shelia Parris

Brandon Pearson

Eve Pentecost

Brenda Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Phillips, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Phillips

Vickie W Poe

Tina Marie Posey

Elizabeth Potter

Cassie Patton

Joshua Prater

Diane Prince

Dr. and Mrs Jim Prucnal

Mr. and Mrs. James Pruett

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Puckett

Jennifer Rader

Rainbow City Pet Clinic

Charles Ramirez

DeAnna and Stephen Ramirez

Diana Rampey

James and Carma Rayburn

Debbie Reaves

Gina Rhodes

Allison Richardson

Sherry Roberson

Debbie Roberts

Misty and Billy Roberts

Bobby Robertson

Gypsy Robertson

Kim Robertson

Heather Roden

Jonathan Roden

Ivan Rohena

Mr. Ray C. Rosson

Emmie and Sid Rowe

Frank Rubino

Lydia Ryan

Lendon Sapp

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scharfenberg

Rosemary Schoenagel

Hazel Scott

Katie Seepe

Carol Segars

Angela Self

Dr. and Mrs K. J. Shah

Ms. Ann Sharpe

Lori Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Zach Shelley

Laura Shelton

Margaret Sholar

Teresa Simmons

David Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Heath Simmons

Brandy Slaton

Angela Smith

Ashley Smith

Frankie Smith

Jennifer Smith

Justin Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Smith

Dr. Manis Smith

Dr. Billie Snell and Mr. Brian Snell

Eric Snell

April Spoon

Brandi Stanton

Heather Staples

Jean Starr

Tamara and Rob Starzl

Keith Steele

Joseph Stern

Dr. and Mrs. William Stewart

Sherry Stiefel

Mr. and Mrs. Corban Stone

Nathan Summerhill

Allycia Taylor

Carla Taylor

Karen Taylor

Anna Teal

Cynthia Thomas

Johnny and Deborah Thomas

Whitney Thompson

Lisa Ann Toney

Juan Torres

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Trotter

Melissa Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Tumlin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Turk

Kylie Turner

Bethany Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Valentine

Jana Vallejo

Robin and Beth Van Der Wel

Patricia B Waddell

Ashton Waggoner

Kelly Wagner

Lindsey Walker

Leslie Walters

Debbie Walton

Meghan Wardlaw

Rachel Warren

Kelly Watkins

Chris and Ginny Watts

Lijuan Wei

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Whitaker

Natalie Whitley

Dr. and Mrs. Danny Wilborn

Michelle Williams

Phyllis Williams

Sandra Williams

Andrew Wills

Andrea Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson

Johnnie Works

Mr. David Wright

Jack Wright

Suzanne Wynn

Jodi Yarbrough

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yother

Mark and Martina Young

Hank Zehr

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Zemo

Kaiyla Zerinque

Carolyn Adair

Tabitha Addison

Sandra Akins

Alabama Pediatric Therapy

Emily amberson

Gregorio Antonio

Megan Armstrong

Brittany Aul

Pam Austin

Alisha Bailey

Sharon Bailey

Jimmye Bain

Melissa Baker

Patricia Baltizar

Bama Shaved Ice

Lynn Barron

Samantha Barron

Shanta Battle

Shanta Battles

Karen Beck

Heather Bellamy

Beth Benders

Mary Benn

Ashley Bishop

Morgan Blackerby

Crystal Bohannon

Kaci Bowen

Marla Bowman

Destini Bradley

Lisa Bronaugh

Holly Brown

Sabrenna Brown

Jessica Brumbelo

Sharia Brunson

Summer Burke

Tommy and Amber Burleson

Ashley Burns

Jessica Burrows

Monica Butler

Khadijah Byers

Samantha Carnes

Brenda Carpenter

Tasha Carroll

Andrew Caudle

Tanya Chandler

Tonya Chandler

Candis Chapman

Courtney Chapman

Judith Chozi

Clifton Care Inc.

Sherika Collins

Amanda Collum

Amber Colquitt

Brittany Colvard

Anna Colvin

Dewayne colvin

Tabitha Colvin

Alyssa Comer

Amy Cook

Coosa Behavioral Services

Midge Cornelius

Bethany Courville

Lauren Cowan

Sha Craft

Heather Crawford

Rebecca Crawford

Halee Curry

Jordan Daugherty

Becky Davis

Jan Davis

Julie Dawson

Raven DeRamus-Byers

Kassidie Dillard

Shaquita Dillon

Rainy Dingler

Chelsey Dixon

Jody Dodd

Debbie Duncan

Brooke Dunn

Brittany Epperson

Seleah Evans

Tabitha Evans

Gracie Fielding

Veronica Figueroa

Sandra Fleming

David Flemings

Miranda Florana

Deedra Foots

Rep. and Mrs Craig Ford

Shelia Ford

Lisa Fortenberry

Crystal Franklin

Nicole Frasier

Jillian Freeland

Melody Fuller

Misty Fuller

Brandy Fultz

Gadsden State Community College

Brittany Garcia

Lyndsey Garrard

Ryanneg2@gmail.com Gaskins

Taylor George

Tiffany Gibbs

Amanda Gilliland

Pam Ginn

Natalie Goforth

Tabitha Gonzalez

Kimberly Gossett

Dana Grady

Amber Graves

Christina Gray

Roth Green

Kelly Greer

Meredith Greer

Shadrina Griffin

Enzley Griffith

Corley Groover

Kasey Hall

Amy Hamilton

Hollie Hammonds

Jason Haney

Casey Hansen

Stephanie Harbin

Kaitlin Harden

Kristyn Harvel

Heather Hawkins

Lindsay Hays

Elaine Heath Greenwalt

Miranda Hicks

Jordan Higgins

Jennifer Hill

Brittney Hinton

Tiffany Holken

Heather Holliday

April Hollingsworth

Jessica Holmes

Chrystal Honeycutt

Kara Howard

Kimberly Hudgins

Chloe Hudson

Kathey Huffman

Lisa Huie

Kendall Hyde

Innovative Virtual Realms Inc.

Erin Jablonski

Valerie Jacobs

April Jelks

Hollie Jennings

Jessica Trammell Photography

Alicia Johnson

Cheyene Johnson

Ms. Connie Johnson and Ms. Julie Johnson

Emily Johnson

Hannah Johnson

Lauryn Johnson

Amanda Jones

Lutimothy Jones

McKensie Jones

Julie Jordan

Breanne Kearns

James Kelly

Larry King

Stephanie Knight

Mrs. Christie Knowles

Thomas E. Kober

Joycie Lancaster

Kelsey Langdale

Stephanie Lankford

Stephanie Lankford

Kristen Lawless

Julie Lawson

Katie Lee

Matt Lee

Toya Leonard

Amy Little

Brianna Lowe

Kala Loyd

Lula Roe

Houston Maddox

Brittany Marbuary

Jennifer Mashburn

Kim Mathis

Ron McArthur

Becca McBurnett

Morgan McCurdy

Nicole McEllory

Shasta McFry

Meagan Mead

Mica Mecham

Lakisha Miller

Bobbie Minton

Tanya Mitchell

Carrie Mize

Gwen Monroe

Nichole Moody

Jordan Moon

Ashley Moore

Laken Moore

Savannah Morris

Lindsey Morrson

Lora Mullinax

Breanna Naylor

Amanda Nelson

Kayla Nelson

Kim Nelson

Kate Newman

Penny Nipper

Brittany Noe

Hannah Nolen

Mrs. Julia Nolen Knox

Hayley Norman

Brittany Parker

Amy Parks

Sherrie Partee

Ashley Pearce

Steve Pearson

Perfectly Posh

Amanda Poe

Heidi Posey

Regina Powell

Danielle Radcliffe

Misty Ragan

JMason Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Reddick

Briggs Reeves

Judge and Mrs. William Rhea

Megan Richardson

Mr. Jerry Rickles

Nicole Roberts

Jessica Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ross

Katie Worman Ross

Allissa Ruiz

Tabitha Sanders

Cheyenne Sexton

Tasha Sharpe

Michael Simms

Amber Sims

Jamika Smith

Katie Smith

Payton Smith

Tammy Smith

Rodkia Snow

Beth Snyder

Southern Girl Doll Creations

Nicole Sprinkle

Rachel Stalling

Karen Standfield

Alysia Stephens

Elysia Stephens

Kerry Stephenson

Tia Stevens

Kim Steward

Mary Catherine Stewart

Janisha Stovall

Angel Tanner

Amanda Taylor

Ashley Taylor

Kerri Taylor

Rhonda Taylor

The Chamber

The Crunchy Bean

The Personalizing Lady

The Soap Box - Alabaster

Terria Thomas

Ashley Thompson

Sherry Thornton

Dr. Samantha Booker

Matt Tinsley

Kelsey trimble

Andrew Turner

Kimberly Turner

Tomberli Turner

Tutu's Dancewear

Shantel Underwood

Genoveva Valle

Jared Vaughn

Misty Vernon

Candice Vice

Justin Vines

Adam Vinyard

Leana Voss

Darla Wade

Todd Walker

Briana Ware

Cherokee Washburn

Stephanie Weaver

Savanna Whalen

Kathy Whisenant

Rachel White

Jessica Wilks

Crystal Williams

Justin Wilson

Tiffany Winkles

Nicole Wise

Ashton Witt

Mandi Wofford

Sommer Wolfe

Mandy Wright

Amanda Young

Martina Young

Dr. Darryl E. Harris, Sr.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Sharon Maness

Shannah Smiley

Tomasina Smitherman

Amber Walden

Mrs. Anita Barnett

Lakeview Orthodontics

Yvonne Baty

Ms. Teresa Taylor

Ms. Pattye Woodall

Ms. Elise Harbin

Mr and Mrs. Michael Causey

Mr. Merlin B. Hagedorn

Mr. Ted Hegenbarth

Mrs. Gesna Littlefield

Carmen Long

Mr. Gregory McDonald

Ms. Lesa Osborn

Mrs. Louie Roberts

Ms. Wynell Williams

Ms. Ila Mae Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Brown

Ann Joiner

Kim Boatwright

Camille Bowman

Susan Bynum

Cusimano, Roberts & Mills, LLC

Ms. Jean Foster

William and Rhonda Hardwick

Dr. and Mrs. C. William Hartzog

Marsue Lancaster

Mrs. Marcie Lombard

McCain Law Firm

Mr. Steve Parnell

Margaret Ann Pyburn

Mark Thompson

Marie Acee

Jeff and Kim Battles

Blush Gurlz Boutique

Jana Bradford

Vivian Brown

CED Mental Health

Connie Champion

Classics on Noble

First Baptist Church Gadsden

Mr. and Mrs. John Floyd

Gadsden Museum of Art

Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama

MS. Tammy Jackson

Marie and Ted Johnson

Lynn King

Wanda Lancaster

Marie Sosebee Ledbetter

Mrs. Jane Miles

Greg and Mary Oliver

Holly Ostendorf

Luther Perkins

Ms. Jean Pugliese

Rainbow Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)


Tigers for Tomorrow

United Way of Etowah County

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sims

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Honeycutt

Brittney Jacobs

Elissa Archer

Danielle Burk

LeSheka Cameron

Taylor Diggs

Ashley Greene

Lori Jones

Nikkia Marchesano

Angel Phillips

Kathy Reyna

Mrs. Darrien Sears

Tiffany Tate

Cierra Williams

Jody and Kristen Willoughby

Emily Wren

Gadsden Greeters Club

Mrs. Josephine Watts

Priscilla Bartlett

Hilary Blackwood

Ms. Dimika Bozeman

Wendy Burns

Geandria Butler

Akpene Dussou

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eagly

Edwards Electric

Shea Gray

Mary Hammett

Chyan Jones

Starr Lovell

Angelita Marbury

Rodger Music

Zaylen Sanders

Andrea Scott

Rebecca Scott

Christy Skinner

Suzanne Hawkins Stephens

Leslie Tucker

Dawn Tumlin

Dawn Turner

Sheilisa Vinson

Twyla Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Casey Wigley

Gary Wilder

Meghin Willut

Drs. Michael McClellan

Judy Bacon

Roben Duncan

Aggie Hill

DeeDee McLeod

Sandra K Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Suraj Sancheti

Ms. Julie Anderson