About the Center for Cultural Arts

2016 Donors

Over $100,000
City of Gadsden

Over $50,000
Alabama State Council on the Arts

Between $25,000 and $49,999
Etowah Community Development Committees
GCAF Legacy Fund

Between $10,000 and $24,999
The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Exchange Bank of Alabama
Buffalo Rock Bottling Company
The Gadsden Times

Between $5,000 and $9,999
Ann and Dave Cummans
Life Insurance Company of Alabama
Advanced Imaging of Gadsden
Daugette Family Foundation

Between $2,500 and $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Vaughan
Oxford Coca-Cola Bottling
Greater Gadsden Area Tourism
Dr. and Mrs. William N. Haller, III
Gadsden Service Guild
Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hollar
Rainbow Food Marts
Ms. Kay Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Condra
Dr. and Mrs. Elias Ghafary
Ms. Elisabeth Hardin
Ms. Judy Rubel
Dr. Noorkarim Nagji
Gadsden Regional Medical Center
Jacksonville State University

Between $1,500 and $2,499
Pga Tour Charities
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Lackey
Councilman Ben Reed
Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Chan
Dr. and Mrs. Merle Wade
Wells Fargo Foundation
Honda Manufacturing of Alabama
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Gross
Mr. and Mrs. John Larkins
Mr. and Mrs. James McArthur
Alabama Power Company Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Causey
Mr. Clarence W. Daugette III
Mr. Walter Duke
Etowah Pediatrics
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gregerson
Ms. Tina Gregerson
Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Tim McCartney
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Renfrow
Judge and Mrs. James S. Sledge
The Factory

Between $1,000 and $1,499
Southern Cardiovascular Associates
Morris Building Constructors
Dr. and Mrs. W. Webb Sledge
Dr. and Mrs. William N. Haller, Jr.
River Bank and Trust
The Southern Bank Company
Kiwanis Club of Gadsden
Ronnie Watkins Ford
Mr. Mike Gagliardo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E . Watts, Jr.
Dr. Portia Foster
Mrs. Jesse M. Moore
Mr. Allen Ray
Mrs. Jack L. Ray
Regions Bank
Ms. Rebecca Rhodes
Mrs. Terry Sellers, Jr.

Between $500 and $999
Dowdy's Office Equipment
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Cusimano
Absolute Fitness of Etowah County
Jeffrey Machine, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhea
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welch
Dr. and Mrs. Jed L. Kaplan
Serendipity Dance Club
Michele Atkins and Shelby Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Storey
Ms. Holly Ostendorf
Rhea, Bord and Rhea
Mr. and Mrs. John Troncale
Gadsden Music Club
Alabama Teacher's Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. Shepard Midgley
Mrs. Faye Graves
Cassandra Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Benny McNair
Mr. and Mrs. Allan I. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Maise
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gagliardo
Alley's Carpet
Altrusa Club Of Gadsden
Blackstone Pub and Eatery
Mr. Tim King
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boatner
Joyce Merkel/Bone Realty
First Federal Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fowler
Gadsden Lighting
Gadsden Music
Ms Kandice Kinbrel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. George Hightower
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hildebrant
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Holland
Dr. and Dr. Christopher Kelley
Ms. Marsue Lancaster
Ms. Beverley Linam
Ms. Ava Nelle Moore
Mrs. Barbara Overholtzer
Dr. and Mrs. Dinesh Parmar
Publix Super Market Charities
Ms. Helena Salame
Standard Tile
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Stofko
Councilwoman Cynthia Toles
Councilman Deverick Williams

Between $250 and $499
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kimberley
Ms. Brenda Elliott
Ms. Christie Knowles
Family Savings Credit Union
Dr. and Mrs. William Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Lew Mitchell
Mr. DeLeath Rives
Ms. Donna Sturkie
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Early
G&G Inventory
Betty Greer and Jennifer Wall
Ms Fran Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Hil McWhorter
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sisson
Becky and Phil Sissons
The Coggin Firm
Desoto Fiber Guild
Dr. and Mrs. Cleve Estis
Gadsden Eye Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Haller
Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Turk
Dawn Gregerson
Alabama Publishing Group and App
Amer's Interiors
Mr Richard Bohanon
Dr.and Mrs. R. S. Frederick
Rene Davis
Derrick Griffey
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Masters
Emily Mills
Andrea Bearden
Owen Agency
Parris Law Firm
Primemax Mortgage Company Llc
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Roberts
Safeway Industrial Services
Somewhere In Time Antiques
Mr. and Mrs. Don Thacker
The Decorator Store
Wal-Mart Super Center
Winsouth Credit Union

Between $100 and $249
Mrs. Anita Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Anderman
Market America
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Welch
Dr. Manis Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Hager
Dr. Franco Antonelli
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Behrens
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown, Jr
Mr. and Mrs Jim Cunningham
Mrs. Joe W. Denson
Mr. and Mrs. Ragan Godfrey
Dr. Jonathan Goodin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haller
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Henslee
Ms. Anita Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Holtsford
Isbell Family Dental
Mrs. Marcie Lombard
Mrs. Mariella McNair
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Riseborough
Ms. Patricia E. Sherman
Dr. Stella Sung
The Choice Restaurant
Ultimate Creations Salon
Dr. and Mrs. John Vanore
Senator Phil Williams
Mrs. Charlotte Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Nance
Mrs. Louie Roberts
Mr. Bryant Banks
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel G Norris, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. George C. Robinson, III
Ms. Becky Snead
McNair Jewelers
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wetzel
Ms. Kim Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cleveland
Ms. Sarah Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. John McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Struntz
Mrs. Josephine Watts
Ms. Ila Mae Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Keely J. Abel
Ms. Jessica Adcock
Rep. and Mrs. Robert Aderholt
Mr. and Mrs. Wole Akisanya
Al and Fran Andrepont
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Arthur
Abbie Ashley
Jenny Ayers
Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Bailey
Allison Baird
Ryan and Katie Barcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barrett, Jr.
MS. Debra Battles
Vanessa Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bearden
Olivia Benefield
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg E. Bennett
Loretta Bennett
Monica Bittinger
Penny Blackwell
Mr. Don Borg & Mrs. Nancy Miller-Borg
Mr. Carl Brady
Laura Brewer
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Brown
Brandi Brown
Ms. Jann Brown
Kayla Browning
Kendale Burgess
Cathy Burns
Rita Burns
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Casey
Jamie Childers
Gerald Chumley
Hillary Clark
Linda Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. David Clokey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cody
Summer Collins
Beverly Colvin
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cornutt
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Cowser, III
Angie Craft
Ms. Paige Cramer
W.R. Cranford
Cynthia Crossley
Amanda Davenport
Ms. Jill Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Davenport
Mr. Ashley Davis
Marisha DeVoll
Harrison Jacob Divoll
Jennifer Dodd
Alesia Dunlap
Sherry Dunston
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Edge
Rose Edmondson
Sherry and John Edwards
Debbie Elliott
Rev. and Mrs James E. Elliott, Jr
Mr and Mrs Bryon Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Fambrough
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Featheringill
Mr. Scott Feazell
Alan F Ford
Peggy Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Freeman
Dr. Webb Sledge
Gadsden Orthopedic Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gardipee
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Garrett
Dean Gaskins
Mr. Rodney Golden
Mary Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Graben
Susan Green
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Gregerson, Sr.
Mr. Shawn Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Griffith
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Grissett
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Groover
John Hammett
LTC and Mrs. Carl Harrison
Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Hawkins
William G Headington
Cathy Heath
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hedgspeth, Jr.
Mayra Hernandez
Dr. Andrew Hester
Christi Hicks
Glenn Hicks
Emily Hill
Dr. and Dr. Mark Hill
Sara Hill
Amanda Hindsman
Dane and Jenifer Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Holland
David Hooper
Austin T Hubbard
Beth Hughes
Jessica Isbell
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jackson
Matt and Courtney Johnston
Angela Jones
Judge and Mrs. Bobby Junkins
Gayathri Kandasamy
Dr. Noor Karim
Ms. Donna Keeler and Mr. Jerry Reyling
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Keelin
Ms. Charlotte Kiger
Stephen Kirk
Mr. Dan Kirkpatrick
Laurel Lafferty
Ashlie Lee
Angela Lipscomb
Dale Lockridge
Mr. Dennis Lockridge
Ms. Nancy Loconto
Ret. Chief Jack Lowe, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Martin
Ms. Kayla Matthews
Blake and Laura Mayo
Rebecca McBurnett
April McClung
Mr. and Mrs. Carl McDuff
Debra McKiven
Linda A Mitchell
Mr. Fred Moore
Annah Grace Morgan
Dr. Stephanie Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Mullin
Mrs. Janice Nabors
Najjar Denaburg
Mr. Ray Nettles
Sonya New
Judge Billy Ogletree
Jeffery Ohmberger
Judge and Mrs. Wayne Owen
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Page
Ms. Nicole Papa-Tudor
Melissa Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Parnell
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Parris
Kim Grape Patty
Ms. Paula Ross
Elizabeth Pearce
Perfectly Posh
Cassi Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Phillips
Jeff Poland
Tina Marie Posey
Mr. Ravon Priddle
Dr. and Mrs Jim Prucnal
Mr. and Mrs. James Pruett
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pullen
Timethia Ragland
Diana Rampey
Ms Angela Rayburn
Rebecca and Rachel Wilson
Ms. Jane Reynolds
Debra Roberts
Gypsy Robertson
Kim Robertson
Mr. Ray C. Rosson
Emmie and Sid Rowe
Mr. Wayne Rowe
Melisa Saccucci
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scharfenberg
Ms. Marlene Scolaro
Joyce Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Scott
Chiquita Self
Mrs. and Mr. Jane Seok
Ms. Ann Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Shelley
LeAnne Sickles
Mr. and Mrs. Heath Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Slaton
David Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Smith
Mr. and Dr. Lance Smith
Dr. Billie Snell and Mr. Brian Snell
Mr. and Mrs. Marv Snow
Heather Staples
Dr. and Mrs. Morris Steinberg
David and Beth Stephens
Brandon Stevens
Becky Kitchens Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Corban Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Tang
Cortney Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. David Thornton
Filishia Thrower
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Trotter
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Tumlin
Felicia Turner
Lisa Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Valentine
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vann
Linda Barrett Vaughan
Mr and Mrs Doug Waldrup
Leslie Walters
Jill Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Weaver
Whitman Welch
Christina Wendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Whitaker
Ms. Julie White
Mr. and Mrs. Leon and Doretha White
Natalie Whitley
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Wigley
Dr. and Mrs. Danny Wilborn
Kristen Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson
Ms. Brandi Wooten and Mr. Neil Barker
Mr. David Wright
Mr. and Mrs. James Yohe
Wilma Yopp
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yother

Up to $99
Cathy Cox
Nan Cox
Glenda Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Phillips, Jr.
Kylie Turner
Lakeview Orthodontics
It's Yogurtime
Ms. Susan DiBiase
Ms. Kathleen Baldwin
Ms Carole W. Campbell
Mr. James M. Christopher
Ms. Carol Clokey
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Dasinger
Ms. Martha Elrod
Mary Gomillion
Mr. and Mrs. Merlin B. Hagedorn
Ms. Jalania Harris
Mr. Ted Hegenbarth
Ms. Jean Hill
Mr. Ben Johnston
Christopher Klinner
Mrs. Gesna Littlefield
Mr. Gregory McDonald
Mrs. Ann Moore
Ms. Lesa Osborn
Mrs. Glenwood Pierson
Judge and Mrs. William Rhea
Pat Thweatt
Mr. Dennis B. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. James Bennett
Mr. Kevin Dollar
Ms. Jean Foster
Dr. and Mrs. David Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Griffin
Ms. Caroline Haberer
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Harwood
Mr. Edward Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Lucian Newman, Jr.
Mark Thompson
Ms. Helen Watkins
Ms. Heather Rainville
Mr. Joel Lonnergan
Mrs. Iris Isbell
Mr. Aryeh Spero
Traci Montgomery