About the Center for Cultural Arts

Cumulative Giving to the Gadsden Cultural Arts Foundation as of December 31, 2017

More than $1,000,000

City of Gadsden

The Estate of Mary Goss Hardin

The Estate of Mary Lee Hardin Willard

Bewteen $500,000 and $999,999

Alabama State Council on the Arts

Bewteen $250,000 and $499,999

Alabama Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Between $150,000 and $2,499,99

The Gadsden Times

Estate of Dr. and Mrs. William H. Simpson

Riverview Regional Medical Center

The Estate of Dr. Nell Griffin

Alabama Power Company

Bewteen $100,000 and $149,000

Exchange Bank of Alabama

Comcast Cable

Pei-Ling Charitable Trust

The Office of Senator William H Drinkard

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Maise

Gulf States Steel, Inc.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Inc

Advanced Imaging of Gadsden

Between $75,000 and $99,999

Kiwanis Club of Gadsden

Alabama Power Company Foundation

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama

Gadsden Regional Medical Center

MFO Management Company

Mrs. Jack L. Ray

National Science Fdn.

Coca-Cola USA Operations

Between $50,000 and $74,999

Etowah County Commission

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama

Mr. and Mrs. James F Vaughan

Mr. and Mrs. George C Picht

Mr. and Mrs. Tim McCartney

Ms. Joyce A. Parker

Gadsden Service Guild

Between $25,000 and $49,999

Life Insurance Company of Alabama

Greater Gadsden Area Tourism

MS. Kay Moore

Buffalo Rock Bottling Co.

Dr. and Mrs. W. Webb Sledge

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hollar

AT&T - Alabama

Daugette Family Foundation

Regions Bank

Ms. Marsue Lancaster

Etowah County Community Development Committee

Inteva Products

Serendipity Dance Club

Alabama Technology Network

Altrusa Club of Gadsden

Dr. and Mrs. William N. Haller, Jr.

Merrill Lynch and Co

Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites

BBVA Compass

Dr. and Mrs. Elias Ghafary

Wells Fargo Bank of Gadsden

Gadsden Metropolitan Arts Council

Dr. and Mrs. Leigh Hemphill

Exchange Bank of Ala

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Masters

Mrs. Mariella McNair

Elisabeth Hardin

MDA Professional Group, P.C.

Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Skelton

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Ray

Judge and Mrs. James S. Sledge

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Brown

Mrs. Julia Nolen Knox

Argosy Foundation Contemporary Music Fund

Association of Science and Technology Centers

Mr. Dewayne Freeman

Between $20,000 and $24,999

Dr. and Mrs. Jed L. Kaplan

Mr. Walter H. Duke, Jr.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Senator Larry Means

Dr. and Mrs. George C. Robinson, III

Gadsden Mall

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Condra

Energen/Alabama Gas Corporation

Gregerson's Foods, Inc.

Shannon, Banks & Smith, Inc.

Humane Society of Etowah County

Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhea

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Helderman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James McArthur

Councilman and Mrs. Robert W. Echols

Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Culp, 111

Gadsden Pediatric Clinic, P.A.

Insurance Facilities, Inc.

MS. Judy Rubel

Dr. and Mrs. William N. Haller, III

Attalla Florist

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Harwood

Glasser Bows Inc.

Between $15,000 and $19,999

Mrs. Anita J. Harwood

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Lackey

Women's Healthcare Professionals

Mr. and Mrs. John McFarland

Ann and Dave Cummans

Dr. and Mrs. Seth Spotnitz

Observer Office Supply

Gadsden Quarterback Club

Republic Services

Mrs. Thomas Batey, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Chandonnet

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Lowry Hobbs

Mr. Allen Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Haller

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Maddox

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Cusimano

The Surgery Clinic

Mrs. Willis A. Harris

Osborn Transportation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Cedarholm

Hampton Inn

Mrs. James D. Lancaster

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weaver

Mrs. Peder Emanuelsen

Mrs. Ruth Sledge

Mr. George W. Terrell, Jr.

Ms. Sarah H Doran

Keystone Foods

New York Times Company Foundation, Inc.

Between $10,000 and $14,999

Wabash Alloys

Mrs. Amanda Fowler

Dr. Jonathan Goodin

Mr. John Agricola

Gadsden Art Association

Mr. Don Hollar

Mrs. Faye Graves

Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Grissett

Waste Management of Alabama

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gregerson

Dr. George D. Miller

Mrs. Pie Petri

Prince Metal Stampings

Governor Bob Riley

Mr. Ernest D. Cordell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Berman

Isbell Family Dental

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E . Watts, Jr.

Drs. Michael McClellan

University of Alabama Gadsden Center

MS. Paige Dawson

Howard Core Company

Mr. Thomas Whitten

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lester

Blackstone Pub and Eatery

Dowdy's Office Equipment

Mr. George Hundley

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Ray

Dr. and Mrs. Tony Catanzaro

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Gross

Dr. and Mrs. George P. Walker, III

Gadsden Public Library

Ms. Carol Hughuley

PGA TOUR Charities, Inc.

Mr. Billy Clyde Stewart

Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Owens

Flowers Baking Company

Mr. and Mrs. Daevid Fortune

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Lancaster

Wells Fargo Foundation

Between $7,500 and $9,999

McCartney Construction Company, LLC

Councilman Ben Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Owen

Councilman Billy Billingsley

Mr. Jim Sasser

McNair Jewelers

Dr. and Mrs. Bob Gross

L.B. Chemicals Company

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Holland

Mrs. Joe W. Denson

Ms. Rebecca Rhodes

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House

Family Savings Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Gregerson, Sr.

Mr. David L. Lowi

Mr. and Mrs. M. B. McCartney

Mr. and Mrs. Melton Terrell

Ronnie Watkins Ford

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Cloud, Jr.

Cadence Bank

Dr. Noorkarim Nagji

Ms. Tina Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Shepard Midgley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gagliardo

Mrs. Jesse M. Moore

Mrs. Jean Francis

Coca Cola

Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. McGriff

Mrs. Emery C. Osborn

Courtyard Cafe

Ms Jane I. Finney, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Berman

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Storey

Owen Agency

Between $5,000 and $7,499

Orthopedic Centers

Judge and Mrs. Wayne Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carrell

Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Guyton

Mr. Craig Lipscomb

Mrs. Clyde Harris

Dr. and Mrs. Dinesh Parmar

Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Banks

Dr. and Mrs. Roger C. Suttle, Jr.

Ms. Patricia E. Sherman

Dr. and Mrs. George Fant

Mr. Mr. Robert Avery

Mr. and Mrs. Max Stinson

Dr. and Mrs. Lucian Newman, Jr.

Mrs. Thea Woodliff

Ms. Katherine G. Rowe

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Colonial Bank

The Southern Bank Company

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Porter

Dr. and Mrs. Merle Wade

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saxon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rhea

Mrs. Samuel K. Yu

Mrs. William C Merrill

Alabama Department of Economic and Community

Medical Society of Etowah County

Dr. and Mrs. Hillmon Holley, M.D.

Cybrtyme Inc.

Mountain Top Flea Market

Dr. and Mrs. James White

MS. Ina Black

Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Battles


DSR Group, Merril Lynch

Mr. Michael Morris and Dr. Jesanna Cooper

O. K. Inc.

Mrs. Charles F. Boman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Turk

Dr. Max Sanders

Edwards Electric

Mrs. William O. Leach, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Hayes

Gadsden Music Co.

Dr. Caroline Feist

Mr. and Mrs. John Larkins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pine

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Pike

Mrs. Edward W. Surber

Downtown Tavern

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Nestor Kampakis

Councilmember JoAnn Ray

Market America

Mr. E. D. Witherspoon

Mrs. Taylor Hardy

Mr. John S. Bone

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A McEwen

Mr. Rick Causey

Dr. and Mrs. Kyle Christenberry

Dr. and Mrs. Chaihan Korn

J. P. King Auction Company

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon L Miles

Rep. Becky Nordgren

Owens Plating Company

Dr. Alan V. Stansfield

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Moss

Mrs. Margaret Johns

Mrs. Terry Sellers, Jr.

Mrs. Jane Welch

Alabama Teacher's Credit Union

MS. Martha Hopkins

Mrs. Elsie M. Chaffin

Ms. Melia Barnhill

Dr. and Mrs. Manish Shah

Dr. and Mrs. P. Brady Farr

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Garmon

Mr. Roscoe Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Means

L aw Office of Miles & Welch

Alabama Civil Justice Foundation

Barber Dairies, Inc.

Mr. Bill Bradley

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Carnes

Dr. and Mrs. Todd Cross

Mrs. Allan Denson

Five Star Food Service, Inc.

Mrs. Annie K Fowler

Mrs. James Inzer, Jr

Mr. and Mrs. James C Inzer, III

Jacksonville State University

Mr. and Mrs. J. D Peppers

Mr. Preston T. Phillips

Simmons and Brunson

Smith & Bailey Dental

Dr. and Mrs. Richard J Wells

Between $2,500 and $4,999

Dr. and Mrs. Lew Mitchell

Gadsden Music Club

Judge and Mrs. William Rhea

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boatner

River Bank & Trust

United States EPA

Mrs. C. W. Daugette, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hall

Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Thompson

Dr. and Mrs. Ghanshyam Patel

Charter Media

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Phillips, Jr.

Mrs. Clarence Rhea

Mrs. Josephine Watts

Mr. and Mrs. Benny McNair

Deborah Hawkins

Mr. DeLeath Rives

Mr. and Mrs. Forney Daugette

Mrs. Peggy Crabtree

Sears, Roebuck & Company

Dr. and Mrs. Cleve Estis

Mrs. Jane Patton

Mr. and Mrs. Allan I. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Phillips

Dr. Portia Foster

MS. Tina Gregerson

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Smith

Rainbow City Pet Clinic

Callan Concert Series

Christie and Calvin Herring

Chick-Fil-A of 4th Street

Alabama Humanities Foundation

Albert Burney, Inc.

GKL Companies, Inc.

Riverview Radiologists

Mr. Robert W. Payne

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maloney

Ms. Frances McCord

BBVA Compass Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wetzel

Christmas in July '88

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Strawn

Dr.and Mrs. R. S. Frederick

Ms. Deirdre Coakley

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bearden

Mr. William Tumlin

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Sutton

Baker Piano and Music Company

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Sajjad Hossain

Butler Manufacturing

MS. Brenda Elliott

Lori Criswell & Associates

Mrs. Katharine C. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Ken Hager

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Johnson

Wal-Mart Store # 316

Ms. Bonnie Jean Sisty

Mrs. Charlotte Cohn

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel G Norris, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Stofko

Becky and Phil Sissons

Mrs. Margaret Rouse

Dr. and Mrs. C. William Hartzog

John Blair

Dr. Alan K. Perry

Mr. Jeff Phillips

Randy Jones Insurance Agency

Ms Martha Wilson

Mr. Ellis Rosser

Rhea, Boyd and Rhea


WinSouth Credit Union

Dr. Stella Sung

DeSoto Fiber Guild

Gadsden Sew and Vac

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davis

Dr. Manis Smith

Morris Building Constructors, Inc.

Dr. Alan Percy

Mr. and Mrs. Don Thurmond

Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Wilson

Ms. Christine Cunningham

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Muratta

Mr and Mrs. Michael Causey

Mrs. David L. Clokey

Miss Sarah A. Culberson

Mrs. Mary Bone Freeman

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Ferguson, Jr.

Learning Systems, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Fambrough

Mrs. Anita Barnett

Councilman Walt Higgins

Mr. and Mrs. Mark LaRue

Congressman Tom Bevill

Barclay Hayes, Inc.

Bestway Rentals Inc.


Food World and Bruno's Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Henslee

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Jolly

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Young

Cobbs, Allen & Hall

Gadsden Printing

Councilman J.R. Countryman

Foundation for the Advancement of String Education

Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Grimes

Mr. Ben Johnston

Dr. and Mrs. Philip Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Welch

Councilman Deverick Williams

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Bone

Councilman Johnny Cannon

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Reddick

Benton Foundation

Gadsden Eye Associates, P.C.

Devan Lowe, Inc.

Brian and Billie Snell

Rep. Jack Page

Rep. and Mrs. Robert Aderholt

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brown

Mrs. Marjorie Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fisher

Piggly Wiggly Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Cosby

Dr. and Mrs. B. J. Patel

Mr. and Mrs. Ray R. Renfrow, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Boatner

Jeff Phillips Electrical

Dr. and Mrs. Luis Urbina

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Dasinger

Gadsden Museum of Art

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hedgspeth, Jr.

Dr. M. Nancy McCorkle-McGwier

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Duminski

Dr. and Mrs. William Stewart

Dr and Mrs Roland Rivard

Equity Group

Col. Ed Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schaal

Tams Committee

Between $1,000 and $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Fuller

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Lowe

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg E. Bennett

Mr Richard Bohanon

Mr. and Mrs Jack Floyd

Mr. and Mrs. John Bertalan

Mrs. Curtis Furse

Cusimano, Roberts & Mills, LLC

Gadsden Pulmonary and Sleep Clinic

Gadsden State Community College

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling W. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Griffin

Ms Kandice Gupta

Mr. and Mrs. David Clokey, Jr.

Pierson Chevrolet Jeep, Inc.

Mr and Mrs Steve Pilkanis

Katharine T. Carter & Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Roe

Mr. and Mrs John A. Freeman

Pierson Leasing, Inc

Ms. Jean K. Cantor

Mr. and Mrs. William Greer

Mr. Alex L. Holtsford

Hanna Steel Corporation

Mr and Mrs Doug Waldrup

Michael and Frankie Vitkin

Mrs. Dawn Gregerson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown, Jr

Foote Bros Carpet One

Dr. and Mrs. Warren Feist, Jr.

Ms. Michele Atkins and Ms. Shelby Cochran

Dr. and Mrs. David Wilson

Ms. Helena Salame

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Trotter

Ms. Wynell Williams

Mrs. Lisa Thacker

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trotter

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Puckett

Mr. and Mrs. Burnis Howard

Mrs. Iris Isbell

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Leach, Jr.

Ms. Inez Fambrough

Mr. and Mrs. John Floyd

Norman Ray Russell

Councilwoman Cynthia Toles

Mr. and Mrs. John Troncale

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scharfenberg

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kimberley

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Adams

Dr. John Simmons

Mrs. Mary Lee Hardin Willard

Mr. and Mrs. Ragan Godfrey

Mrs. Genny McDaniel-Dawson

Dr. Bobby Ostendorf

Mr. Mike Gagliardo

Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Hawkins

Alabama Power Service Organization

Baker Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bradford

Etowah Cherokee Association of Realtors

Mrs. Joe Ford

Gadsden City Board of Education

Gold's Gym

Mr. Jimmy S. Jordan, Sr.


Ms. Carolyn Parker

Talladega Superspeedway

The Loop Pizza Grill

Tillman, Allen and Sizemore

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs Jim Cunningham

Mr. Sid Borland

Mr. and Mrs Doug DeGraaf

Mr. Clyde L. Morris, Jr.

Dr. Kenneth Herlong

Dr. and Mrs. Eric W. Baum

Dr. and Mrs. John Vanore

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKenzie

Gadsden Mortgage Services, Inc.

Mrs. Linda Isbell

Dr. and Mrs. Corley Odom

Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood

The Chamber

Ms. Joy Williams

Mr. John Udaka

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Early

Turnbach, Warren, Lloyd, Frederick and Smith

Judge and Mrs. Bobby Junkins

Judge William W. Rayburn

Mr. H. M. Freeman

Dr. and Mrs. V. Tummala

Brown Oil Company

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Sims

Mr. and Mrs. James Pruett

Ms. Anita Hill

Mr. Bill Leach

GSO Ticket Sales

Mr. Buford Copeland

LTC and Mrs. Carl Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Zemo

Mrs. June Bugg

Meet The Composer, Inc.

Dr. Thomas A. Pugliese

Mr. Ira Holt

Ms Carole W. Campbell

Mrs. E. C. McGarity, Jr.

Mrs. Tina Gockel

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hayes

Mrs. Barbara Overholtzer

Drs. Lawrence Ware

MG. and Mrs. Joseph Kingston

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Stappenbeck

Drs. David Azar

Dr and Mrs. K. Clay Ellis

Team One Automotive

Mrs. Walter Back

Dr. and Mrs Jim Prucnal

Dr. and Mrs. C. Stephen Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Callis

Dr. and Mrs. Helant Sinha

Mr. and Mrs. James Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Lister

Alley's Carpet

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cohn

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Swift

MS. Christie Knowles

Mrs. Thomas H Cross

Gadsden Orthopedic Associates, PC

Mr. and Mrs. Connie Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Jackson

Mr Michael Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Young

Mr. Ray C. Rosson

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Porter, Jr.

Ms. Dorothy P. McCollum

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. Lewis

Mrs. Louie Roberts

Back Forty Beer Company

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Struntz

Dr. and Mrs. Elquis M. Castillo

Mr. Ray Nettles

Mr. Howard Putnam, Jr.

Mrs. Ann Green

Mr. and Mrs. Merlin B. Hagedorn

Leon Loard Oil Portraits

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hildebrant

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Couch

Gadsden Greeters Club

Ms. Beth M. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Mullin

Ms. Jan Pruitt

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Behrens

Mr. Ron Clark

Colonial Properties Trust

Mr. Wayne Copeland

Couch's Jewelers

Etowah Pediatrics, P.C.

Mrs. Bobbie Freeman and Mrs. Annette Burns

Derrick Griffey

Mr. Ross Griffith

Mrs. Hugh C. Nickson, Jr.

Mr. Jim Northcutt

Northeast Orthopedic Clinic

Mrs. Frances Schmuck

The Factory

Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Boyers

Drs. Glenn Fitzwater

Mary Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Keely J. Abel

Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Copeland

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lombard

Episcopal Day School

Mr. and Mrs. John Lowery

Dr. and Mrs. Lucian Newman, III

Absolute Fitness of Etowah County, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cody

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Crain

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rosene

Dr. and Mrs. Kim Whitt

Dr. Wesley W. Acee, III

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lewis

Jane Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Dusty Stinson

Dr. and Mrs. Morris Steinberg

YMCA of the Coosa Valley, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Sherman

Mrs. Glenwood Pierson

Mr. Fred Moore

College Heights Baptist Church

Exchange Club of Gadsden

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Slayton

Mr. and Mrs. John Bates

Gadsden Jewelry and Loan

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Watts

Dr. and Mrs. Ed Lindsey, JR.

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Shannon, III

Mrs. Ada Lee Hood Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Riseborough

Mr. and Mrs. Wole Akisanya

Ms. Karen Blythe-Smith

Mr. Charles J. O'Rear

Coosa Valley Model R

Ms Lori Powers

Wal-Mart Foundation

Councilman Thomas Worthy

Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Jordan

Mrs. W. W Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sington

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Connell

Mrs. Lula E. Brown

Mrs. Ruth S. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Weaver

Mrs. Gesna Littlefield

Ms. Michelle Staeck

Mrs. Ralph Breeden

Ms. Wendy Dixon

Tyson Foods, Inc.

Judy and Russell Arthur

Cintas Corporation

Downtown Gadsden Inc.

Rainbow Logistics, LLC

The National Auction Group of Alabama, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hiltz

Dr. Lane Smith

MS. Donna Sturkie

Mr. J. Beasley Williams

Mrs. Gayle J Martin

Venture Marketing Group

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guenther

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sisson

Alabama Mountain Lakes Assoc.

Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander

Mrs. Rowan S. Bone

Dynamic Security, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Benny Miller

Oriental Rug Emporium

Mrs. Ailene Puckett

Mr. Robert W. Saigh

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Turner

Mrs. LuVerna Waid

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Tumlin

Mrs. Paula Johnson

Rev. and Mrs James E. Elliott, Jr

American Chemical Society

Mr. and Mrs. Marv Snow

Mrs. J. D. Bush

Ms. Mary Sue Cowell

Mr. and Mrs. Heath Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Roberts

Nelson's Variety Store

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Gallardo

Dr. and Mrs. Adrian A. Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Holland

The Coggin Firm, L.L.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy O. McCord

Mr. and Mrs. Walt Schaefer

Rep. and Mrs Craig Ford

Councilman Fred Huff

Mrs. Jack Klimp

MS. Beverley Linam

Moultrie Toyota

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Newman

Mr. Julius S Rubel

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Shehi

Mrs. Max Moseley

Mrs. Jane Gilchrist

Mr. and Mrs. William Hill

Mr. Lee Moon

Mr. Rip Reagan

Mr. and Mrs. Slade Singleton

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hudak

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Livingston

Mr. and Dr. John Uhrich

Dr. and Mrs. Danny Wilborn

Mr. Glenn Williams

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Blackstock

George Gruver Optical

Mr. Ed McManic

Ms. Mariette Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Inzer

McCain Law Firm

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Roberts

Mrs. Rebecca T. Follo

Gadsden Medical Clinic

Mrs. Grady Gillam

Ms. Kristen Glaze

Ms. Marty Johnson

Dr. Gary Kwan

MS. Sheila McCartney

TAZZ Productions, Inc.

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar

.Mrs. Vassar Byrd

Ms. Jane Bandy Smith

Theatre of Gadsden

Ms. Ila Mae Wright

Mrs. Bobby Austin

Alabama Orchestra Association

Americans for the Ar

Ms. Eileen Baker

Mr. Jimmy T. Bowen

Calhoun Power Company

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Caudle

Charles E. Watts, Inc.

Mr Tim Copeland

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Culp

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dawson

EMC Insurance Companies

Enrestoration, Inc.

Gadsden Family Chiropractic

Gadsden Lighting

Greer Construction

Haynes/Gleaton Family

Holy Comforter House

Dr. Dr. Christopher Kelley

Mr. Bobby Kintz

Dr. and Mrs. Keith McDuffie

Microsoft Corporation

January Millican

National League of Cities

Network Solutions

Ms. Beverly H. Newman

Mrs. Hazel P. Oliver

Mr. Barry E. Penny and Ms. Kay Brown

Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Russo

Ms. Dilla G. Samuel


Dr. and Mrs. George Stacey

Standard Tile

Summit Health & Management Corporation

Mr. Sonny Taylor

Mr. Lanny Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Thompson

WAAX - Z93.1

Walker Patton Co., Inc.

Walnut Gallery

Wells Fargo Bank of Attalla

Ms. Sherry Williams

Witchita - Sedgewik County Historical Museum

Between $500 and $999

Mr. Joe Keracher

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Vann

The Alabama Gift Company

Mr. and Mrs. Hil McWhorter

Mr. and Mrs. David Nolen

Judge Billy Ogletree

Mr. Charles Cunningham

Mrs. Nancy Smith

Jireh's Boutique

Mr. and Mrs. M. Jack Beasley, III

Ms Fran Hawkins

Ms. Helen E. Shaw

Mrs. Edward B. Miller

Mrs. Betty Thompson

Mr. Tim Brittain

Ms. Rosamond Hanson

Mrs. Lee Hood Nicholson

Boogie McCain's Music Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Anderman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haller

Mr. Gordon Isbell, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Sathyan Iyer

Dr. and Mrs. Dharam Paul

Mrs. William D. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nail

Mr. Jospeh R. Davis

Ms. Frances R. Durham

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Edge

Dr. Bru Head, III

Mr. James M. Christopher

Mrs. Sarah McClendon

Mr. and Mrs. Corban Stone

Ms. Lisa Bearden

Mrs. Billie S. Baker

Mr. John W. Jennings, Jr.

Cassandra Johnson

Pasghettis Italian Restaurant

Dr. H.B. Thompson

Mr. Dave Cummans

Mr. and Mrs. George Hightower

Mrs. Patricia Welty

Ms. Jill Davenport

Mrs. Hugh Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hamiter

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Hill

Mr. and Mrs. James Murray

Ms. Margaret Peters

Ms. Cynthia Williams

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pless

Councilman Randy B. Kelley

Mrs. Shirley Files Peden

Ms. Christy Payton

Mr. Russell Johnson and Mrs. Regina Rickels-Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. John Dawson

Dr. and Mrs. Sunil Jaiswal

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Howell

Mrs. Lillian S. Barrett

Mrs. Emmett Westmoreland

Ms. Lesley Cole

Mrs. Susan Barclay

Mr.and Mrs. Todd Brown

Ms. Michelle Carroll

Mr. Todd Entrekin

Ms. Donna Garner

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gore

Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Graves

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Groover

Councilman Billy Harris

Jeffrey Machine Inc.

Ret. Chief Jack Lowe, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Nielsen

Peoples Bank

Tele-Systems, Inc.

Ms. Rita Toney

Twigs & Roses

Ultimate Creations Salon

Senator Phil Williams

MS. Pattye Woodall

Ms. Terah Patton

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barrett, Jr.

Mr. Harold Overton

Mrs. Charles D. Jordan

Mr. and Dr. Brett Wilborn

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gardipee

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hicks

Mr. Richard Street

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Valentine

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Cornutt

MidAmerica Arts Alliance

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Adkins

BellSouth Telecommunications

Mr. and Mrs Stanley Brown

Choice Fabricators Inc.

Classic Catering

Failure to Launch Production

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harris, `

Ms. Donna Keeler and Mr. Jerry Reyling

Emily Mills

Nissan of Gadsden

Dr. and Mrs. Mervel V. Parker

Southern Arts Federation

Mr. Steve Temple

United Way of Etowah County

Mr. and Mrs. Bentley Gray

Mr. Tommy Ford

Mrs. James E. Hanks

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Roberts

Ms. Dorothy A. Willingham

Live, Laugh and Love Gift Botique

Ms. Martha Elrod

Mr. Mark Perkins and Ms. Rose Marie Allenstein

Ms. Allison Appleby

Mrs. H. E. Hamrick

Dr Mac Bridges

Mr. Ed Thompson

MS. Mayuri Amin

The Paula Ross Family

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Cannon

Drs. Chmielewski & Deaton

Hagedorn memorial fund

CCA Staff

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Waldrop

Dr and Mrs Ghaith Ajamoughli

Mr. Fred Barclay

Etowah/Gadsden Clearing House

Mrs. Lindsay Harden

Mr. and Dr. Steve Johnson

MS. Jalene Peaspanen

Riverside Pharmacy Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Rumley

Dr. and Mrs. Bennett Tucker, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wright

Mrs. Howard Warren

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Young

Ms. Nan MacFadyen

Dr. Glenda C. Selman

Mrs. Jerri L. Troutman

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Arvind Wagle

Ms. Vera Lee Jones

Mrs. George Leda

Mr. and Mrs. Lilbern Stevens

Dr. and Mrs. James N. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford A . Willis

Mrs. Nan Spivak

Pat Thweatt

Mr. and Mrs. Curry Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B . Yother

Cherry Street Baptist Church

Dr. and Mrs. Homer Spencer

Mr. Charles Bowers

Mr. Howard Duke

Fuller Medical Company

Mr. Richard Girdler

Mrs. Bettye Goodwin

Dr. and Mrs. Lowndes Harrison

Haywood Jewelers

Peppermint Pony

Mrs. J. H. Rogers

Misty Smith

Southern Cardiovascular Associates, PC

Mr. Dennis B. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Sisson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Arias

Dr. and Mrs. Jason Ayres

Ms. Michele G. Bradford

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Davis

Mr. James Aulbert Longshore

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Robertson

Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Dennis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Word

Chief and Mrs. Richard Crouch

Mrs. Eleanor Kerns

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie M. McClure

Mr. and Mrs. Wyman Murphy

Sheri Pennington

Brandon Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Butler

Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. James Gilbert

Ivalee Elementary School

Mr. Edward Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Robinson

Mrs. Barbara Shirley

Mr. Robert Soleman

Mr. and Mrs. Don Timlowski

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Allred

Mr. Dwight Bush

Dr. and Mrs. Ben Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cornutt

Mr and Mrs Bryon Ellison

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ludlum

Ms Angela Rayburn

Dr. Ben Steinberg

Gadsden Christian Book Store

Mr. and Mrs. John Ryle

Mrs. Sally Hallmark

Batey & Sanders, Inc.

Rev. Dedric Cowser

Ms. Mary Jo Gibson

Hayes Rasbury Insurance Agency

Image Force

Mr. and Mrs. Blaise A. Jarecki

Knowles & Sullivan, LLC

Kohl Childrens Museum

Ms Debi Moore

Mr. Wendell Oden

Mr. James Shellnut

James Stanfield

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Walker

Mrs. Hervey Folsom

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Gwin

Mrs. J. Richard Carr

Mr. E. G. Lytle

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sears

Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Koehler

Mrs. W. C. Adams

Ms. Gloria Cantrell

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L Ennis

Betty Greer and Jennifer Wall

Mr Foster Johnson

Mrs. Dennis Keeling

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Thomason

Mr. T. Mandell Tillman

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Barr Miller, IV

Ms. Marilyn G. Butler

Mr. and Dr. Joel Gulledge

Ms. Demet Jerkins

Dr. and Mrs. Dale Hardy

Mrs. Rebecca B Noojin

Mr. Bill Willard

Ms. Jalania Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Lyonel Meadows

Mr.and Mrs. John R. Swanson

Something Beautiful Studio and Design

Ms. Suzy Brown

Mrs. Gladys M. Franklin

Ms. Dorothy L. Griffin

Primemax Mortgage Company LLC

Captain William R . Whorton, Ret.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ledbetter

Ms. Becky Snead

Mr. and Mrs. Denson Ragsdale

Jordan Office Supply

Ms. Nancy Loconto

Mr and Mrs Paul Piazza

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Slaton

Gregerson's Foods

Mr. Ted Hegenbarth

Mrs. Lela A. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yother

Dr. Lynn Luther

Mr. and Mrs. George Petty

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Loggins

Physicians Home Health Care Superstore

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Bone

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gable

Mrs. Virginia A. Luker

Mr.and Mrs. John Mackin

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Olvey

Mr. and Mrs. Earnie Whittenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Cash

Mrs. Carol Calahan

Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Davis

Ms. Mary Winn Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Gage

Andy Vann

Mr. Don Borg and Mrs. Nancy Miller-Borg

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Garry

Dr. and Mrs. John Padula, D.P.M

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Tang

Mr. and Mrs. Troy E Vickers

Between $250 and $500

Sherman International

Southeastern Pain Managment

Alabama Alliance for Arts Education

Alabama Publishing Group & App Gadsden

ALFA Mutual Insurance Company

Donna Appleton

B & B Pawn and Jewelry

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Blocker

Bone Realty

Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Boos

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cornelius

Dean Sausage Co.

Mrs. Beverly B. Erdreich

Mr. and Mrs. Rod Ferguson

First Federal Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Franks

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest W Frost

Gadsden Civitan Club

Gadsden Psychiatric Clinic

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibson

Mrs. Nell Gilbert

Glencoe Jewelry Sales

Ms. Rebecca Graves

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Griffith

Mr. and Mrs Joe A. Holland

Mr. David E. Housel

IQMO Transcriptions, LLC

Mr. Ronny Johnson

Kings of Swing

Mr. Jack Latta

Mr. Charlie Lucas

M & H Tool and Die, INc

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Mellick

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Middlesworth

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Millican

Mr. Larry Mize

Modern Woodman

Money Benders Club

Dr and Mrs. Orville Morgan, Jr.

Paint Slingers

Parris Law Firm, P.C.

Pierson Chevrolet Jeep Eagle

Jeanne B. Pitre

Poarch Band of Creek Indians

Ms. Jean Pugliese

Ms. Teresa Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Richards

Mr and Mrs Rod Robinson

Safeway Industrial Services

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Sandridge

The Day Family Foundation

The Myers Institute of Plastic and Hand Surgery, PC

Tri Delta Soriety

Valley RC&D Project

Wal-Mart Super Center

Water Works and Sewer Board

Watercolor Society of Alabama


Whitten's Town and Country Clothes

U. S. Treasury

Ms. Rosemary Burke

Mrs. Bruce Diener

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Strickland

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ross

Mrs. Candi Blackwell

MS. Raquel Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Devan Lowe

Mrs. Albert M. Rains

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith

Mr. and Mrs. John Manske

Ms. Jerry G. Burgess

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Springfield

Mr. Jonathan Edward Tedder

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bryan

Mr. Jim Milucky

Dr. Julie Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Bo Arthur

Ms. Debra Battles

Mrs. Marilyn Gentry

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Graben

Mr. Steve Loucks and Ms. Lynette Hesser

Mr. and Mrs. Carl McDuff

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson

Ms. Brandi Wooten and Mr. Neil Barker

Mark Wood Music Productions

MS. Nancy Traylor

Antequarian Society of Gadsden

Dr. C F Beckert

Mr. and Mrs. Lester I Cantor

Bobbie Early

Mrs. Dorothy W. Goodall

Hughes Beverage Company

Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Koplow

Little Bridge Marina/Local Joes

Ms. Edna Lowi

Mr. Stuart Miller

Mr. and Mrs. David Pace

Mr.and Mrs. Eugene Prater

Ms. Janice Sherrell

Susie Weems Real Estate LLC

Linda Barrett Vaughan

Mrs. Rebecca C. Vinyard

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff McClinton

Mrs. Cherie Patterson

Dixie Homecrafters

Mr. and Mrs. William Fulford

Mr. and Mrs. James Gatgens

Marie and Ted Johnson

Ms. Charlotte Kiger

Mrs. Jane Miles

Chief and Mrs. John F. Morris

Mrs. and Mr. Jane Seok

Ms. Martina Woodall

Mr. Horace Porter

Ms. Janet Davis

Akins Medical Clinic PC

Mr. Robert Cowan

Mrs. Robert G. Cross, Jr.

Rainbow Auction

Mrs. Alma Nelle Swann

WA Consulting, LLC

Ms. Lesa Osborn

Mrs. Gloria Bodine

Mr. and Mrs. E. Wayne Edwards

Ms. Kim O'Neil

Ms Tiffany Sayles

Chiquita Self

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shew

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Watts

Ms. Sunshine Williamson

Mr. and Mrs. W Greg Simpson

Dr. and Mrs. Greg Carter

Dr. and Mrs. William Frantz

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Heard

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hughes

Mr. Curtis T Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. John Lefler

Wishing Wells

AlaTrade Foods

Mr. Ralph Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dean

Mrs. W. B. Dortch

Downtown Dance Conservatory

Mr. Albert R. Ferguson, Sr.

Fobbus Sheet Metal

Mr. W. T. Fuller

Mr. Mark Garrard

Dean Gaskins

Fr. and Mrs. David Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hope

Mr. Tony Horn

Ms. Armor Keller

Dr. Martha Kennon

Dr. David E. Loveman, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKiven

Mrs. Hazel C. Mills

Modern Heating and Cooling

Roger Music

Harold Nelson

Oden Music Company

Mrs. Lynn Parrott

Quality of Life

Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Sacher

Mr. John Sandridge

Mr. Craig Scott

Krista Sims

James and Regina Smedley

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stegall

Tam's Trophies and More

Ms. Teresa Taylor

Tiger Lily Communications, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wadsworth

Mrs. Loretta S. West


Ms. Jessica Goodman

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Hawkins

Ms. Jackie McElderry

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Snow

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Clark

Ann Cozart

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Day, Jr.

Mr. Richard Edwards

Ms. Margaret Greenwood

Ms. Eleanor Munro Kahn

Ms. Peggy Prucnal

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Parnell

Ms. Jann Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eskridge

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gough

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Holderfield

Mrs. Faye B. Lewitz

Ms. Laura Brown Martin

Mr. Gregory McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pullen

Mr. and Mrs. Zach Shelley

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Whitaker

Fredo's Italian Restaurant

Mrs. Walter W. Perrott

Mrs. W. E. Abel

Boulevard Suzuki

Gadsden Country Club Golf Shop

Physicians Apothecary

SLM Distributing

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Allred

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cline

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Denney

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jackson

Ms. Angie Johnson

Interiors, Etc.

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Holland

Dr. and Mrs. Mohammad Kamran

Ms. Amelia Kelly-Wofford

Ms. Doris Schmidt

Ms. Frances M. Abney

Ms. Debra Dickinson

Mr. and Mrs. Barnie Hill

Mrs. Wilma Lancaster

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Parris

Mr. Paul Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Powell

Donna Quinn

Ms. Maria C. Swinford

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smith

Dr. Judy Cook

Mrs. M. Davis

Kyuaka Waters, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Barnes

Ms. Ruth Forman Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. John Lancaster

Mr. Wayne Rowe

Ms. Joyce Sager

MS. Jaca Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Tanner

Ms. Jimmie R. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Vezertzis

Mrs. Catherine Glosser

Mrs. Joe Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Alewine

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Allenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burns

Ms. Shubadha Virenjan

Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Collier

Mrs. Donald T. Edwards

Frame World

Ms. Jean Hill

Dr. and Dr. Mark Hill

Mrs. John Powell

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Ruiz

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Sollie

Mr. and Mrs. William Williams

Mr. William O'Neil

Dr. and Mrs. Clay Rowe

Ms. Jonnie Carr

Jefferys Steel Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Prime

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Quire

Mr.and Mrs. C. C. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Eiland

Mr. and Mrs. Lyall R. Enstice

Finkle Memorial

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Garrett

Ms. Wendy Giles

Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Gladden

Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Tregg Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Presley

Ms Amy Solomonick

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Vreatt

Mr.and Mrs. Steven J Williams

NAIFA Gadsden

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Holt

Ms. Kathleen Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin P. Lynn

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Zuker

Mr. Nathaniel Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. William P. Pillow

Ms. Kathy Moorer

Alabama Cancer Care

Mr. Jerry Anderson

Aqua Medispa & Vein Studio

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Arbery

Abbie Ashley

Mr. Hardin Barrett

Rita Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Casey

Cellular One

Gerald Chumley

Covington's Cafe

Mr. Oswald Crespo

Mr. Robert Crowder and Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Schrab

Dr Paul Muratta and staff

Elite Medical

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Garrett

Mr. Jerry Garrison

Mr. Bill Griffin

Mr. Clark Hall

Mrs. Mary Hardin

Ira Phillips, Inc.

Ms. and Ms. Connie Johnson

Mrs. Henrietta Jordan

Dr. and Mrs. Jason Junkins

Gayathri Kandasamy

Lakeview Orthodontics

Burt Lavender

Mrs. Betty J. Lusk

Ms. Clara J. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Meredith

Dr. Stephanie Morgan

Mrs. Janice Nabors

Rev. and Mrs. James Newell

Powers & Associates

Mrs. Ravon Priddle

Dr. and Mrs. Armando Quizon

Diana Rampey

Debra Roberts

Mrs. Eugenia Sanford

Ms. Marlene Scolaro

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Self

LeAnne Sickles

Mrs. Betty B. Smith

Ms. Lisa Smith

Heather Staples

Systems Marble Inc.

Ms. Gayle Saylor Thomas

Mr. Robert W. Tinsley

Vulcan Materials Co.

Ms. Augusta D. Waters

Mrs. Patricia Williams

Patricia Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Byrd

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Farrow

Mr. Carl Heller

Mr. and Mrs. Gayden Metcalfe

Lenn Rainwater

Ms. Jane Rich

Ms. Ann Sharpe

Ms. Nancy Thackston

Ms. Nancy Yeats

Al and Fran Andrepont

Ms. Sue Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Muller

Ms. Jessica Adcock

Ms. Pam Ashley

Mr. Tom D. Banks, Jr.

Ms. Paige Cramer

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Keelin

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Martin

Ms. Elizabeth Mathis

Ms. Kayla Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Minton

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Page

Dr. and Mrs. Steven R. Parris

Mrs. Sylvia Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vann

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Westcott

MS. Julie White

Mr. David Wright

Mr. and Mrs. James Yohe

Ms. Mary Ann Watkins

Ms. Doris Day

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Born

Rev. John W. Cruse

Happy Feet, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hicks

Ms. Kim Oneil

Mrs. Leo Reynolds

MS. Cassandra Ruggieri

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burford

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Caproni

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sitz

Mr. and Mrs. E. Barry Loveman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Watkins

Ms. Dimika Bozeman

Ms. Karen Guthrie

Mr. David Hyde

Lisa Keenum

Mr. Louie Loveman

Mr. and Mrs. Blake New

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Pendergrass

Mr. and Mrs. Casey Reaves

Mr. John Rhodarmer

Mrs. Elaine T. Roberts

Ms. Cynthia Ward

Frost Transmission Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones

Gadsden Golf Carts

Ms. Judy Hamil

It's Yogurtime LLC

Mr. and Mrs. James Newton

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Varcak

Amber's Interiors

Mrs. Frances Arnold

Dr. Anne Brooks

Ms. Edna Brotman

Mr. and Mrs. Olen Brown

Center for Civic Engagement and Service

Mr and Mrs R. Sidney Clements

Ms. Melba R. Corntassel

Designer Checks

Duck Springs Baptist Church

Equity Management Group

Etowah County Republican Executive Committee

Ms. Joan Fisher

G & G Inventory

Gadsden Inn & Suites, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Gibbs

Ms. Elsie Grice-Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Guest

Mrs. Arthur Harden

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Jaggears

Kelly Signs

Ms. Virginia Mackey

McCallium - McGill

Mr. and Mrs. George McSpadden

Primrose Meier

Modern Woodmen of America

Motivational Concepts, Inc

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Peterson


Mrs. Mary M. Rothrock

Somewhere In Time Antiques

Southern Land and Title LLC

MS. Anna M. Striplin

The Decorator Store

The Tyn Tymes

Mark Thompson

Mr. Douglas P. Velez

Mrs. Joyce Worthington

Ms. Halaine Shoop

The Studio

Ms. Susan DiBiase

up to $250

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Franco Antonelli

Mr. and Mrs. Herston Bonner

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Borders

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bryant

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Day

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eagly

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gardner

Mr. and Mrs Dee Grimes

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Harris

Mr. Albert S. Hodes

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lacy

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lipperd

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Mallory

Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Malone

Mr. and Mrs. J. David McCormack

Ms. Beth McGlaughn

Mr. . and Mrs. Jim O'loughlin

Ms. Tina Patterson

Mr. Buster Porch

Dr. Charlie Sirna

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Skaggs

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Szanny

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thacker

Ms. Carol Vice

MDA Professional Group

Rainbow Fly Fishing Club

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wintermyer

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Acker

Mrs. Champ Blackwood

Rev. and Mrs. Julius L. Brasher

Mrs. Charles Brown

Industrial Development Authority

Mr. and Mrs. George McCanless

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Carson Pearce

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Whitten

Parnells Matress Warehouse

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dozier

Kandi's Boutique

Mr. and Mrs. James Miller

Ms. Beth Hayes

Dr. and Mrs. Elliott Saltz

Mater's Pizza and Pasta Emporium

Mr. and Mrs. Gary McFarland

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Sims

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sizemore

Verizon Wireless

Mr. and Mrs. David Boley

Ms. Susie Thornton

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Watts

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bone

R. B. Camp

Drs. Bob Cater

Ms. Elene Chastain

Mr. Ashley Davis

Dr. Ormond R. Grimes, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hamilton

Ms. and Ms. Irene Howell

Moman Optical

Mr. and Mrs. George Puckett

Judge and Mrs. William Russell

VIVA Health Performance Department

Mr. Bill Hudson

Mr. Anonymous

Mrs. Jerry Alford

Antonelli's RehabSouth

Audiology and Hearing Clinic, Inc.

Bailey Bridges, Inc.

Kimberly Balcer

Mr. and Mrs. Tom D. Banks, III

Ms. Erin Barnett

Vanessa Beach

Ms. Tracy Billingsley

Monica Bittinger

Dr. Richard Borders

Ms. Donna Brothers

Kayla Browning

Bruce Byrum

Mr. and Mrs. Sloan Bunton

Kendale Burgess

Cathy Burns

Cheaha Creative Arts

Shelia Childress

Linda Clarke

Beverly Colvin

Ms. Sue Conner

Ms. Annie L Dailey

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Daniel, MD

Ms. Shelby Dean

Ms. Jane Dearing

Ms. Nellie Dismuke

Harrison Jacob Divoll

Alesia Dunlap

Sherry Dunston

Rose Edmondson

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Ellison

Ms. Jennifer Eubanks

Mr. Scott Feazell

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Fernandez

First National Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Freeman

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Frith

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Garrett

Gieger Cleaners

Dr. M. Suzanne Gilliland

Mr. Rodney Golden

Susan Green

Kristin Greer

Steven and Gail Greil

Mr. Shawn Griffin

Mr. David Harper

Mrs. Emmie T. Hart


Mayra Hernandez

Dr. and Mrs. Chester C. Hicks, Jr.

Glenn Hicks

Hicks TV Sales and Service

Sara Hill

Amanda Hindsman

Dr. Robert Holley

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hood

Mr. Bob Hundley

IIIS and Optical Shop

Matt Johnston

Mr. Rex G Keeling, Jr

Ms. Annie Pearl Kennon

Mr. Dan Kirkpatrick

Mrs. M. G. Kramer

Ms. Opal D. Kramer

Mr. Ching hai Lee

Dr. Lloyd D. Lense and Dr. Susan Ellen Stopek

Dr Blair Lindblad

Dale Lockridge

Mr. Dennis Lockridge

Nancy Lovoy

Lura's Wallpaper & More

Jim and Charlotte McDaniel

Debra McKiven

Ms. Lynn McNair

Ms Lee Moates

Annah Grace Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murchison

Jeffery Ohmberger

Mrs. Ward Pell

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Phillips

Pierce Manufacturing Group

Mary Rains

Rebecca Wilson and Rachel Wilson

Gypsy Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. Cody Robinson

Roland Huthmaker Bowed String Instruments

Mr. David Ryan

Dr. E. Roger Sayers

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schnebel

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Scott

Kelly Shrout

Simply Pearls

Mr. Brian Skinner

Ms. Laura Skipper

David Smith

Dr. K. Bryant Strain

Streamline Cleaners

Stroup Construction

Mr. and Mrs. David Summerhill

Glenda Swinford

The Choice Restaurant

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Thornton

Filishia Thrower

Tony's Catering

Union Baptist Church

Union Foundry Company

United Christian Church

Village Painters

Ms. Leslie Ware

Mr. and Mrs Brandon White

Mr. and Mrs. Leon and Doretha White

Natalie Whitley

Mr. and Mrs. Casey Wigley

Mr. and Mrs. John Willingham

MS. Lauren Young


The Cakery

Mr. Wesley Starnes

Gadsden High Class of 35

Ms. Florence Murphy

Mrs. Willie F. Smith

Mrs. Virginia Willard

Ms.. Ann Bone

Mr. W. T. Curry

Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Giddis

Ms. Annette Hornsby

Mr. Christopher Word

Ms. Julia Mills

Ms. Janie Curry

Mr. Malcom Lindy

Mrs Emily Balenger

Ms. Allyson Baugh

Mr. Carl Brady

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Davis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dupree

Mr. and Mrs. John Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Gentry

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Goodlet

Grace Lutheran Church

Hearts and Horses

Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Henslee

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Larkin

Mrs. Donna Leach

Mrs. Pam J Lester

Ms. Emily H. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Nance

Ms. Nicole Papa-Tudor

Ms. Beverly Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ridens

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rogers

Jamie Ryan

Ms. Camelle Sasser

Ms. Stacey Smith

David and Beth Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Thomson

Ms. Jenine Thornton

Mr. Bill Williams

MS. Tangela Williams

Mr. and Mrs. David Finlayson

Ms. Julie Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bailey

Mr and Mrs Jonathan A. Behrens

Ms. Jacqueline Brehm

Ms. Christy Cardwell

Ms. Carla Connell

Mr. Kevin Dollar

Mrs. Lucile O Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Hughes

Mr. Windell Leon Jolley

Greg Light

McCord & Martin, Attorneys at Law

Mommy & Me

Mr. Lewis G. Odom

Southern House of Flowers

Mrs. Judy Berger

Wilma Yopp

Ms. Donna Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Steve O'Grady

Rosemary and Larry Brazier

Building Systems and Supply

Ms. Gloria Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Day

Mary Gomillion

John Hammett

Mr. Gavin Harris

Christi Hicks

Beth Hughes

Dr. and Mrs. Alan C. Loveman

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Mitchell

Mrs. Alice Presley

Ms. Jeanie Russell

Joyce Scott

Broad Street Basket Company

Ms Jane Martin

Edenwood Garden Club

Ms Lexie Yates

Mr. and Mrs. Mac McArthur

Mr. Brandon Murray

Mr. Willie Humbert

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adams

Ms. Danielle Almaroad

Ms Angel Athey-Wrage

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bowers

Mr. and Mrs. David Bright

Ms. Judith Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Buff

Mrs. Sherry Calhoun

Mr. and Mrs. Zack Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Champagne

MS. Teresa Chapman

Mrs. Elizabeth Chua

Ms. Elizabeth Chumley

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Conner

Ms. Frankie Copeland

Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine Crotts

Mr. Edward Cunningham

Mr and Mrs Shannon Davis

Christopher and Susan Day

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Denson

Ms. Karen Dodd

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Durham

Mr. and Mrs. Sid Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fincher

Ms. Deborah Ann Finney

Ms. Mitzi Freeman

Ms. Viktoria Gabriel

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon George

Nickelle Geronktakis

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Govignon

Mr. and Mrs. John Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Grimes

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Grizzard

Mrs. Mamie Gross

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Hatfield, Sr.

Ms. Gisela Haygood

Dr. and Mrs Leonard J. Hays, III

Amy Heatherly Eidson

Ms. P. J. Hester

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Holder

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hopper

MS. Remona Hopper

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Howard

Ms. Lillian Ingram

Mrs. Natasha Jackson

Ms. Patricia Jerome

Mr. and Mrs. Evan Johnson

Ms. Shannon Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jordan

Dr. and Mrs. John F. Keithan

Ms. Karon Kimbril

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Knaus

Mr. Lance Koury

Mr. and Mrs. Gunju Lama

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lockridge

Ms. Virginia Lovett and Pat Kochan

Mrs. Frank J. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCloud

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McMillan

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mitchell

Ms. Missy Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Morrow

Mr. and Mrs. John Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Payne

Mr and Mrs Greg Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pearson

Katherine Pentecost

Plimpton School of Dance

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Prickett

Zynia Pua-Vines

Rainbow Electric

Mrs. Sara F. Reaves

Michael Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roberg

Mr and Mrs Bob Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon T. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Roberts

Ms Victoria Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rowe, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs K. J. Shah

MS. Bonnie G. Sissons

Ms. April B. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Smith

Ms. Glenda Southerland

Ms. Cindy Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Collins Tackaberry

The Willow Tree

Ms. Jennifer Thomas

Regina Tidmore

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Vanderford

Ms. Amanda Langley Waldrop

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil O. Warsham

Ms. Terri Webb

Ms. Germaine Wells

Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Wells

Mr. and Mrs. William Wesson

Ms. Ashley D. Wilheim

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson

Mrs. Maxine Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Winters

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yarbrough

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yocum

Mamta Mishra

Ms. Susan Mostella

Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Austin

Jones Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Karod

Dr. and Mrs. Rex R. Wilson

J.D. Henderson

MS. Karen Cruse

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Gladden

Mr. and Mrs. Galen Kennah

Highland's Bar and Grill

Mr. and Mrs. James Bennett

Tom and Valene Blaisdell

Mrs. Rex Brown

Ms. Taryn Brown

Patsy R Burnett

Chef Diva

Chez Fonfon

Compass Bank Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Leo K Cooper

Dr. and Mrs. Barry Dabbs

Dothan Cultural Arts Center

Dr. and Mrs. Ron Duke

Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Edgeworth

Mrs. Grace K. Finkel

Ms. Patricia Flannigan

Ms. Bonita Foster

Gadsden Turf and Tractor

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Griffin

Mr. and Mrs Willard Groover

Ms. Caroline Haberer

Mr. Philmore J. Hulgan

Mr. David Hyde

Ms. Mary Alice Inzer

Joey Jones Construction

Ms. Nancy Kerr

King Cotton Fabrics

Mr. Mike Lasseter

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lewis

M.T. McLendon

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Minogue

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Dale Moore

Ms. Elizabeth E Morris

Judy Parris

Ms. Ruby Lee Phelps

Dallas Powers

Premier Cinemas

Primerica Financial Services

Ms. Marion S. Reese

Ms. Joan Ryan

Schlotzsky's Deli

Mrs. Grover Smith, Jr.

St. John AME Church

The 215

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Thompson

Villa Fiesta Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Whitsitt

Ms. Sharon Brewster

Mr. Baret Fleming

Ms. Stacy Bradford

Little Faces Doll Shop

Mr. John Robertson, IV

Mrs. Don Hale

Ms. Patricia Bryan

Ms. Diana Cadwallader

Ms. Alice L. Clark

Ms. Ellen Coffey

Ms. Sara B. Dickson

Ms. Beverly Dyer

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Edwards

Outdoor Supply

Twin Bridges Golf Club

Mr. Paul Brock

Ms. Sammye Hill

Linda A. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W Dobbs

Ms. Elsie Bailey

Dr. Steve Bitgood

Blush Gurlz Boutique

Ms. Ann C. Bobo

Mrs. Ann Boman

Mr. and Mrs. Edie Boyd

MS. Stephanie Chalifoux

Mrs. Linda Copeland

Ms. Cherie Cornelius

Mr. Barry Cox

Creekside Woodworking Studio

Cunningham Law Firm

First Choice Personnel

Gadsden Commercial Development Authority

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gilmore

Ms. Elise Harbin

Tammy Harvey

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Johnson

Rhonda Ledbetter

Orbix Hot Glass

Dr. and Mrs. Randall H. Smith

Rex Stanfield

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thornton

Mrs. Jerry L. Tumlin

Wells Fargo Financial Advisors

Ms. Patricia Willoughby

Mr. and Mrs. David Presley

Mr. Ronny Banks

Mr. Steve Brunson

Ms. Carolyn B. Burnett

Ms. Kim Burns

Carpets on Broad

Mr. and Mrs. James Day

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P Gardiner

Greater Gadsden League of Women Voters

Mr. W J L Hawkins

Ms. Josephine Holley

Ms. Sonya Hope

Ms. Sarah Kirk

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Murratta

Mr. Allen Peterson

Ms. Mary Ann Pike

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stancil

Ms. Carmen Velez

Ms. Dorothy A. Willams-Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Yates

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fussner

Ms. Claudia Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. Jarl O'Barr

Mrs. Ann Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Acheson

Ms. Anne Kathryn Ashley

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Blackwell

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown

Ms Rebecca Cabrer

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Carlisle

Chick-Fil-A Gadsden Mall

Mr. and Mrs. Curlie and Pat DeRamus

Ms. and Mr. Nancy Foshee

Gadsden Country Club Tennis Shop

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gunter

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hutchinson

J & E Growers (Pam's Plants)

Ms. Amanda Maise

Ms. Marlin McCoy

Ms. Cindi McKinney

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Means

Freda Pankey

Ms. Heather Rainville

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reeves

Ms. Sandra Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Salazar

Mrs. and Mr. Tamara Starzl

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Featheringill

Ms. Bobbie Chambers

Ms. Leona Brugge

Ms. Dawn Green

Mrs. Louelyn Hood

Ms. Laurie Parnell

Professional Opticians

Mr. and Mrs. Dean McGinnis

Ms. Erma Hinson

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Barnes

Dr. Donn Brascho

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brooks

Mr. Rod Graham

Mrs. Claudia Jermyne

Ms. Marion Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nunn

Mr. Edward Taylor

Top of the River

Mrs. Kathye M. Vance

Dr. and Mrs. David Burton

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Green

Ms. Mary Leach

Mr and Mrs Brent Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Nelson

Puckett and Company

Mrs. Gladys Robinson

Mr and Mrs. Barry Russell

Mr and Mrs Jim Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie W. Swinford

Mrs. Hobert R. Winton

Black Eyes Susies Children's Boutique

Mr. J Scott Hindsman

Preston Rhea

Michelle Williams

Advanced Home Care, Inc.

Leigh ALbright

Brandon Alexander

Lindsay Alford

Jeanette Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Bill J Allman

Chief Michael Anderson

Mr. Ronald Andrews

Luke Arnett

Stephanie Arnold

Dr. Eddie Ash

Jenny Ayers

Mr. Kyle James Bacchus

Carmen Bahena

Allison Baird

Miss Jessica Banks

Della Barber

Ryan Barcomb

June Barker

Megan Barnes

Mrs. Kathryn Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Baskin

Carolyn Battles

Mrs. Judi Beaird

Ms. Carolyn Beecham

Africa Bell

Mr. Barry Bell

Brittany Bellew

Olivia Benefield

Loretta Bennett

Stan Bennett

Dr. and Mrs Igor Bidikov

Big Wills Outfitters

Penny Blackwell

Candice and Matt Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. Don Boos

Bill and Uylonda Boyette

Mr. and Mrs. Don Bradford

Kelli Bramblett

Ms. Jane Branscomb

Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Brechin

Laura Brewer

Nathan Broadhurst

Brandi Brown

Dr. Cecil O. Brown

Ms. Lisa Brown

Mr. Willie Brown

Dr. Barbara Bryant

Janice Bryant


Ms. Mabel N. Buffington

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bugg

Thomas Bunn

Chelsey Burden

Amber Burgess

Lisa Burns

Suzanna Burtram

Anna Bynum

Mr. and Mrs. Brent H. Bynum

Ms. Nan Callan

Jenna Campbell

Ms. Kimberly Campbell

Mr. Ronald G. Cannon

Ms. Beverly Carlisle

Laurie Carlisle

Ms. Carolyn H Carnes

Ms. Anastasia Carroll

Leslie Carter

Jenna Casey

Rick Causey

Reed Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Chapman

Xiaodan (Zoe) Cheng

Jamie Childers

Bradley Christopher

Ms. Dorothy L Christopher

Hillary Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Clark

Mr. Jerry Clifton

Julia Coggins

Courtney Coleman

Summer Collins

Complete Packaging Company

Computerland of Gadsden

Cook & Sons Ace Hardware Co., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Copeland

Florence Copeland

Copeland Law Firm

Mr. Richard Cortimilia

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Cowser, III

Angie Craft

Dr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Cranford, Jr.

W.R. Cranford

Creative Cakes and Cookies

Crestwood Memorial Cemetery

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Crosby

Cynthia Crossley

Mr. and Mrs. DeWayne Crowder

Rebecca Crumbley

Lisa Cupp

Dr. Richard Curtin

Amanda Daniels

Ms. Heidi Darbo

Amanda Davenport

Lynne Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Day

Darlene Dean

Democratic Women of Etowah County

Dr. Sam W. Denham, Jr.

Shelia Derochea

Desoto Printing, Mailing & Signs

Teresa Detwiler

Marisha DeVoll

Distributor Supply Co., Inc.

Ms. Rusty Doane

Jennifer Dodd

Ms. Fay Dooley

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R Dorsett

Joseph Doyle

Dr. Mafaro Dube

Mr. Randy Duckett

Dunagan, Yates, and Alison Plastic Surgery

Ms. Debbie Dunn

Ms. Shirley DuPont

Ms. Rhonda Dupre

Ms. Flora A. DuPree

E&S Suit Warehouse

Jalisa Early

Corri Edwards

Sherry Edwards

Younes Elfenne

Debbie Elliott

Wayne and Betty Elliott

Ms. Paulette Ellison

Cherae Ellsworth

Mr. Dan Erwin

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Estes

Etowah County Democratic Womens Club

Family Chiropractic PC

Amanda Farmer

First Care Medical Clinic, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Fleisher

Mr. Hugh Jack Floyd

Alan F Ford

Ms. Jean Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fox

Elena Francisco

Peggy Freeman

Allyson Fuller

Gadsden Foot Clinic, P.C.

Gadsden Variety Antique Mall

Gadsden Warehouse, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gamberi

Stacey Gartrell

Mr. Irving Gassenheimer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gattis

Brandy Gilchrist

Mr. and Mrs. Al Gill

Mrs. Sara B. Gilliland

Maggie Ginn

Mr. Terry Gladden

Ms. Cathie Glosser Gleaves

Mr. Albert A Glover

Ms. Mary Godfrey

Mary Goodwin

Kayla Goza

Betty Graham

Ms. Jena Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Graham

Debbie Gramling

Grant Chapel AME Benevolance Fund

Ms. Willene Graves

Marvin Grier

Dr. Ormond Grimes

Mr. and Mrs. Cary Guffey

Mr. Robert S. Guyton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hamilton

Melanie Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Millard Handley, Jr.

Miranda Hannah

Alexandria Harden

Bonnie Hardy

Mona and Charles Hare

Harold Harper

Mr. and Mrs. David Harris

Mr. Dewayne Harris

Mr. and Mrs. John Hawkins

Nikki Haynes

Drs. Brant and Katie Haynie

William G Headington

Cathy Heath

Kay Heath

Sandy Helms

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Henderson

Hendon Machine Shop

MS. Nayeli Herrera

Dr. Andrew Hester

Ms. Cynthia Hester

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hightower

Emily Hill

Nicole Hill

Dane Holcomb

Hollar Oil

Ms. Katherine Hood

Daniel Hooker

David Hooper

Belva Hopper

Cathy Horton

Lindsey Horton

Jodie Hosey

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howell

Dr. Joseph Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Howell


Austin T Hubbard

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Huff

Hugh's Pharmacy

Mr. and Mrs. J. Gullatte Hunter, III


Mr. Benjamin Irby

Jessica Isbell

Mr. Jeff Issa

Ms. Dorothy E. Ivey

Karen Jenkins

Mr. Benn Johnson

Mr. Edward J. Johnson

Ms. Pam Johnson

Mr. Randall Johnson

Angela Jones

McKenzie Jones

Rory Jones

Antonina Jones-Lipscomb

Mrs. Tiffany Kettel

Mr. and Mrs. John King

Stephen Kirk

Kiwanis Club of Jacksonville

Kiwanis Club of Rainbow City

Ms. Bettye J. Knowles

Mrs. John T. Kontz

Emily Lacey

Laurel Lafferty

Amanda Landrum

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Langley

Jeremy Lankford

Ashlie Lee

Mr. Jing-Shyun Lee

Keneeka Lee

Mr. Randy Lee

Ms. Sara Lewis

Liberty Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Harold List

Ms. Sherlyn Lunman-Young

Tim MacTaggart

Marshall-Dekalb EC

Ms. Diane Martin

Jan Martin

Blake Mayo

Rebecca McBurnett

Mr. T. A McClain

April McClung

Ms. Blanche H. McDonald

Susan McElroy

Jasmine McGinnis

Morgan Means

Mrs. J. H. Meighan

Briana Mintz

Mr. Cecil Ed Mitchell

Laura Mitchell

Mr. Samuel E. Mitchell

Shelia Molleur

Michelle Monk

Moody Nolan, Inc.

Anna Moore

Stanley Moore

Ashley Morgan

Ms. Becky Morgan

Brent Morgan

Karen Morgan

Morton & Associates, Inc.

Charla Murray

Arleen Myers

LaGala Mynatt

Kristy Nabors

Jessica Nail

Najjar Denaburg, P.C.

Paula Nance

Mrs. Sonya Nesbitt

Sonya New

Laura Nicholson

North Alabama Cardiology

Kim Norton

Deborah Nowak

Mindy Nunn-Mitchell

Ms. Elizabeth O'Clar

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Odom

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Otter

Mr. Larry Owen

Palm Harbor Homes

Paramount Packaging LLC

Melissa Parker

Parr and Parr, P.C.

Pasghettis italian Resturant

David Patten

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. R. Patterson, III

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Patterson

Kim Grape Patty

Mr. Duane Paxson

Payne Chapel AME Church Benevolent Fund

Elizabeth Pearce

Perfectly Posh

Mrs. C. W Perry

Ms. Pam Petri

Cassi Phillips

Mr. Jimmy Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Phillips

Plumbers Wholesale

Ms. Ginger Plunkett

Jeff Poland

Eric Polk

Tina Marie Posey

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Potts

Mr. Eric Powell

Jane Powell

Prewett Hosiery

Rachel Pugh

Mr. Bill K Rabb

Timethia Ragland

Mrs. Laura Ramsey

Suzanne Ramsey

Miranda Randolph

Ms. Connie Reeves

Regional Reporting Service, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Reynolds

Ms. Jane Reynolds

Alan Rhody

Terri Rich and Brian Fife

Mr. Clayneal Richardson

Melissa McKee Riggs

Chase Roberts

Heather Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roberts, Jr.

Kim Robertson

Thomas B. Robertson

Ms Connie Roebuck

Katie Worman Ross

Emmie Rowe

Rev. and Mrs. Stafford Rowser

Mr. Jonathan Rutledge

Houston Ryan

Melisa Saccucci

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sandoval

Terry Schutt

Katie Seepe

MS. Jill Sellers

Shawn Shaddix

Yocerelie Shellen

Mrs. Charles Shepard

Ann Shields

Amanda Silvernail

Teresa Simmons

David Simmons

Simply Elegante, Inc

Dr. Michael T. Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sims

Brent Skaggs

Kelly Slezak

Bethany Smith

Mrs. Bibby Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Smith

Bridgett Smith

Ms. Jackie Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Kenny Smith

St. James AME Church Sunday School

Ms. Yvonne Stanfield

Ricky Statham, Jr

Stephanie Hatfield

Kristi Stephens

Michael D Stephens

MS. Lora Stevenson

Andrew Stewart

Becky Kitchens Stewart

Dustin Stewart

Alyssa Stone

Ms. Margaret Sulser

Rev. Jesse Summers

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Swann

MS. Janet Tarrance

Mr. and Mrs Frank Tarrant

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tate

Cathy Taylor

TeleSystems, Inc

Temporary Express

The Dental Center

The Kullman Firm

The Ninth Episcopal District

The Thompson Family and friends

Ms. Brittany Thomas

Cynthia Thomas

Johnny Thomas

Amanda Thompson

Cortney Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. David Thornton

Ms. Judy Toole

Morgan Tucker

Sara Tucker

Ms. Rachel Tull

Felicia Turner

Lisa Turner

Usborne Books & More

V. F. Jeanswear

Jana Vallejo

Valley Street Fieldhouse, Sr. Citizens Group

Ms. Ingrid Vasiciu-Fectes

Mr. Chris Vaughn

Jared Vaughn

Ms. Elizabeth Waddell

Kelly Wagner

Mr. Lloyd Wagnon

Jarrod Walker

Leslie Walters

Jill Ward

Meghein Wardlaw

Brandi Warren

Rachel Warren

Chris Watts

Ms. Ashley Weatherwax

Suzanne Weatherwax

Veronica Weimer

Whitman Welch

Christina Wendorf

Saranda West

Karen Wheeler

James G White

Stephanie Whitehead

Doris Whitfield

Ms. Gloria Whitten

Lori Wilkerson

Kristen Williams

Sandra Williams

Sharon Williams

Denise Williamson

Melanie Willis

Mr. Rick Wills

Ms. Sonja Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wofford

Ms. Sue Woodard

Shannon Wooten

Sean Workopich


Jack Wright

MS. Chequita Wyatt

O.K. Yon

Hank Zehr

Justin Zemo

Shoe Sanctuary

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Cheatwood

Panera Bread

Mrs. Margaret Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Court Barber

Food World

JSU Ticket Sales -Spring Concert

Ms. Erica Kiani

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Reddish

Mr. Larry Sitz

Ms. Barbara Stoner

MS. Tamera Mostella

Mrs. James L. Bridges

Ms. Katherine Burke

Mr. Brian W. Clowdus

Mr. John Drum

Mrs. Annette B. Little

Planet Doggiewood

Ms. Eileen Ponder

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Reid

Mr and Mrs Alan Rogers

Mr. John Sellenberg

Mr. and Mrs. David Sharp

Ms. Melissa Waldron

Shiloh Cousins

Ms. Vernalea Parks

Mamie Blevins

Mrs. Marvin Cohn

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Cohn

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cooper

Cothran's Bakery

Mr. Charles Lankford

Ms. Florence Merriman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parton

Mr. Danny Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Word

MS. Eugenia Matchen

Mr. and Mrs. James Shankles

Super Bee Pharmacy

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hopper

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Curbelo

Ms. Kristie Abercrombie

Mr. David Adcock

Mr. and Mrs Clifford Akins

Ms. Thelma G. Alexander

Mrs. Cherly Allan

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Allen

Mr. E. E. Allen

Mayor Joe Allen

Ms. Sheri' Amsler-Needham

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson

Ms. Sara Arey

Mayor and Mrs. Tony Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Arrington

Mr and Mrs. Jason Ashley

Ms. Sarah Aultman

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Awbrey

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Back

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Baird

Mr. and Mrs. Benny Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ball

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Barber

Mrs. Marylyn Barber

Mr. Kenny Barclay

Mr. Rodney Barclay

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Barksdale

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barron

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bass

Ms. Judy Bates

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bates

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Battles

Dr. and Mrs Phil Baxter

Mr. Jack Beaird

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beaube

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Beckett

Ms. Toni Bell

Ms. Jeanne A. Bender

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Benedict

Ms. Angela Berndt

Ms. Alice Bircheat

Mr. and Mrs. Dearl Birdsong

Dr. J. R. Blackburn

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blackburn

Mayor and Mrs. Ronny Blanton

Ms. Gwendolyn M. Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. Darden Bourne

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Brackett

Ms. Stephanie Bradley

Mayor and Mrs. Kenneth Brand

Ms. Tracy Broome

Ms. Catherine Brown

Ms. Dorothy Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brown

Mr. and Mrs. James Brown

Ms. Janan Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Browning

Mr. Daniel J. Browning

Ms. Amy Bruce

Dr. and Mrs. Andy Brunson

Rev. Bobby Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Burford

Ms. Leigh Ann Burns

Mayor and Mrs. Wally Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Burton

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Butker

Grace Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Buttram

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Byrne

Miss Kimberly Calhoun

Ms. Sonja Calloway

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Don Campbell

Dr. and Mrs. H.A. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Van Canady

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Carson

Debbie and Keith Carter

Ms. Alexandra Cash

Ms. Jo Cash

Ms. Mary Caulkins

Mr. Jack Causey

Mr. and Mrs. David Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. David Chambless

Mr. and Mrs. James Character

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Christian

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Clackler

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Clark

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Clough

Ms. Shelby Cochran

Ms. Mary Faye Boman Cohn

Ms. Patty Coker

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Coley

Ms. Deana Collins

Mr. Jack R. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Connally

Mr. Jason Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. John Cooper

Ms. Pamela C. Cooper

Ms. Stefani Riddle Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Copeland

Dr. and Mrs. Estis G. Copen

Mr. and Mrs. John Cornelius

Ms. Samantha Corona

Ms. Michelle Cothran

Mrs. Wanda Cotton

Ms. Amanda Courington

Mr. and Mrs. David Courtenay

Cathy Cox

Nan Cox

Ms. Vickie Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Crane

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Crocker

Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Cross

Mr. Danny Crownover

Nannie Crozier

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cylar

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Cyr

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Dailey

Ms Jennifer Daughdrill

Mrs. and Mr. Carol Daugherty

Chelley Davis

Ms. Linda Davis

Mr. Timothy Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Day

Ms Christina Dayton

Ms. Pam Dean

Ms. Shannon Deaton

Mr. and Mrs. David DeBarmore

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Demers

Mrs. Regina Dial

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dickinson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S Dilley

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dobbins

Mrs. Susan Douglas

Mr Bill Dowdy

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dowdy

Ms. Casy Drummond

Mr. John Dugger

Ms. Alice B. Dukes

Ms. Carolyn Dunman

Mrs. Peggy Dyar

Ms. Kayla Eassey

Ms. Jennifer East

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Echols

Mr and Mrs David Ellis

Talessia English

Mrs.. Jack R Espy

Ms. Marcia Espy

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Farmer

Mrs. Kathy Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Figueroa

Mr. Dale Findley

Mr. N. M. Fobbus

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Foil

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ford

Mr. Jim Foreman and Ms. Paige Barclay

Mr. James L. Forman

Eugene T. Franklin, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Frederich

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Frost


Gadsden Alumni - Kappa Alpha Psi

Mr. Ed Gann

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garfield

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garman

Ms. Melissa Garmon

Ms. Barbara Garrett

Ms. Marilyn Garrison

GHS Class of 57

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gibbs

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Gibson

Ms. Pam Giles

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gilley

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glaser

Dr. and Mrs. W. Newton Godfree

Amber Godfrey

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Golden

Mr. Michael Goodson

Mr. and Mrs. Art Graf, Jr.

Mr. Richard Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Gramling

Karmen Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Graves

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Haden Gregg

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Griffin

MS. Sonya Griffith

Ms. Gloria Griggs

Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Groover

Ms. Kristi Gross

Mr and Mrs. Chuck Grunder

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gum

Ms. Jean Hafer

Ms. Heather Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton

Ms. Betty Hammond

Mr. John Hand, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haney

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hannah

Mr. and Mrs. Stace Hardin

Mr. and Mrs. David Hardy

Mr and Ms Alan Harper

Ms. Kayla Harper

Ms. Regina Harper

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Harvey

Mr. George C. Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haygood

Rhonda Heath

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hedgspeth

Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Heflin

Mr. and Mrs. Joel W. Helms

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Henry

Dr. and Mrs. Pasqual Herrera, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hicks

Glenda Hicks

Ms. Lori Hill

Mr. and Mrs Rick Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Duke Hinds

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holcomb

Mr and Mrs. Spurgein Holcomb

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Holderfield

MS. Tina Honeycutt

Janice Horton

Mr. Josh Horton

Mr. and Mrs. Robb Howard

Mr. Karl Howell

Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Howton

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Huddleston

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hurst

Mr. Ron Hutchens

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Inserra

Mrs. Camelia Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Jackson

Blake and Meg Jacobs

Ms. JoEllen Jandrlich

Mrs. Nicole Jeffers

Mr. and Mrs. Zach Jenkins

Ms. Lisa Johnson

Mr. Jay Jones and Ms. Krimson Minton

Ms. Krimson Jones

Ms. Lou Ellen Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Ted Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Jumper

Just Desserts

Mr. and Mrs. John Karr

Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Keenum

Ms. Miranda Kelley

Mr. Asif Kiani

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kiley

Ms. Cathy Kilgro

Ms. Eleanor Kilpatrick

Ms. Joni Kimbrell-Veal

Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Kincer

MS. Rebecca L. Kirk

Councilman Leonard H. Kiser

Mrs. Anita Kitchen

Mr. Chris Kitts

Dr. and Mrs. Steve Knighten

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Kurkendall

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lacy

Mr. and Mrs Jonathan Lacy

Ms Christa Lagan

Amy and Mark Lakee

Mr. and Mrs. Dung Lam

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lambert

Mrs. Kaci Lamberth

Mr. Jerry Lance and Ms. Rebecca Saylor

Mr. and Mrs. Burgess Lane

Ms. Irmgard H. Langel-Smith

Ms. Ginger Laverty

Rev. and Mrs. Winston Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Leach, Jr

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Legat

MS. JoAnn Legat

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lincoln

Mr. and Mrs. Jaken Lindsey

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Littlejohn

Ms. Carol A. Lombardo

Ms. DeeDee Lorick

Mr. Robert Loveman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Lucas

Ms. Toni Lynch

Crissy Lynn

Shannon Mackey

Tracy Maddox

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mann

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Maroney

Ms. Melissa Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. James Martin, Jr.

Mrs. Jesse Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Massaro

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Massey

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maxwell

Mr. and Mrs. Scott McAlister

Mr. and Ms. Johnny McAlpine

Ms. Serena McBrayer

Mr. and Mrs. Sean McBride

Ms. Brandi McCain

Ms. Jennifer McCracken

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDaniel

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. McDonald, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. McDowell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. McElroy

Ms. Marjorie McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. Alan McInturff

Mr. and Mrs. Mike McKenzie

Dr. and Mrs. Mackenzie McKinny

Mr and Mrs Jason McKiven

Ms. Belinda McLane

Mr. and Mrs. Chris McMurrough

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McMurtrey

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Meyer

Mr. Chuck Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Miller

Ms. Glenda Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Mandaine Noel Miller

Mr. Steve Miller

Leah Morgan

Ms. Teresa` Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Mostella

Ms. Millie Mostella

Ms. Lara Murray

New Age Art Alliance

Mr. and Ms. Michael New

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Nichols

Mr. Toby Nicholson

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Norman

Mr. and Mrs. Royce Norwood

Mr. Michael Oatridge and Ms. Jennifer Stoats

Mr. and Mrs. David Orr

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Galen Owens, `

MS. Patty Maxwell Owens

Kelly Page

Mr. and Mrs. John Pape

Ms. Misty Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Parks

Jenny Patterson

Ms. Misty Patterson

Ms. Dawn Phillips

Ms. Misty Pigg

Karen Pollard

Ms. Beverly Polson

Mack Portera

Ms. Carmen Powers

Ms. Daisy Pratt

Ms. Carolyn Preskitt

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Price

Ms. Tammy Proffitt

Public Wholesale

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Puckett

Ms. Elizabeth Quinn

Mr and Mrs. Jonathan Rakestraw

Mr. David Ramey

Ms. Leah Ramsey

Ms. Penny Ramsey

Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Ray

Ms. Leslie Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ray

Mayor and Mrs. Wayne Ray

Mr. Roderick Read

Mr. Stephen Read

Ms. Jennifer Reaves

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Reaves

Ms. Amanda Rectenwald

Mr. and Mrs/ Toby Reed

Ms. Margie Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rigby

Ms. Gena Riley

Ms. Gena Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Kris Roberts

Ms. Sandy Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. David Robertson

Ms. Janice Robertson

Mr and Mrs. Barry Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Roebuck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rollins

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ross

Ms. Kristy Rowe

Ms. Sue Rudd

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rudin

Ms Jill Rutledge

Ms. Jacqueline Ryals

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ryan

Dr. and Mrs. D. E. Sailsbury

MS. Liz Sajan

B. Patricia Schimp

Mr. David Schwartz

Ms. Brandy Scott

Ms Debbie Landers Scott

Mayor and Mrs. Randall Scott

Ms. Chiquita Seals

Ms. Sharon Shadwrick

Ms. Rebedda Sherrell

Ms. Jillian Sherrouse

Mr. Jessie C. Shinn

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Shull

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shutler

Ms. Diane Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Simmons

MS. Mellissa Sims

Ms Valerie W. Sims

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Skala

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Skelton

Ms. Louise Skelton

Mrs. Janice Slaughter

Stacey Smith and family

Ms. Barbara Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Smith

Ms. Carey Smith

Mr. Charles Perry Smith

Mr. and Mrs. David Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith

Mary Smith

Mr and Mrs Mel Smith

Mrs. Savannah Smith

Ms. Stephanie Snell

Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre Solomonik

Ms. Tifani Sorensen

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Spafford

Ms. Yvette Sparks

Ms. Jennifer Spears

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Sprayberry

Ms. Michelle Stargell

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stassinis

Ms. Crystal Steet-Talton

Mr. and Mrs. Bain Stephens

Mrs. Ferrell Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stephenson

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Stewart

Mrs. Brenda Stocks

Ms. Nancy Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Stone

Ms. Cheryln Stowe

Mr Lee Strahan

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Strange

MS. Rosa Strong

MS. Kelly Swafford

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse T. Swanger

Cashundra Swann

Mr.and Mrs. Jerry Swindell

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Szeto

Lanette Taylor

Dr. Farlie Templeton

Ms. Tammy Templeton

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Terrell

Ms. Carol Elaine Thomas

Ms. Elissa Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thompson

Ms Melissa Thornton

Dale and Sonya Thrasher

Stephanie Tidwell

Ms. Rebecca Tinker

Mr. and Mrs. Winston Tinnon

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Todd

Mary Troup

Chris Turner

Kylie Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Ulbrich

Dr. and Dr. Karen Vanoy

Mr. and Mrs Robert VanSchaik

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Vookles

Kelly Wade

Crystal Waites

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Wallace

Ms. Sharon D. Wallen

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Watson

Misty Watson

Ms. Jennifer Weaver

Mrs. and Mr. Linda Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Weeks

Ann Weldon

Ms. Terrye Weldon

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wesley

Ms. Marie Whitaker

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton White

Ms. Debbie White

Holly Whitt

Ms. Brandy Wiemann

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold C . Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Williams

Mr. Cody Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Trey Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Willoughby

Ms. Cathy Wilson

Dr. and Mrs. Lee Wilson

Reverends Pat and Sara-Scott Wingo

Ms. Tammy Wood

Erin Woodcock

Mr. and Mrs Wesley Woods

Ms. Patti Worthy

Mr. Ty Wrage and Ms. Angle Athey

Mr. and Ms. Larry Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Wright

Ms. Pamela Wrobel

Patti Young

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Zahrn

Ms. R. Marie Akin

Attalla Furniture Company

B&B Cruises

Mr. Ken Barney

Birmingham Museum of Art

Mr. Bruce Boos

Mr. J. Brad Burke

Mr and Mrs Dale Butler

Mr. Claude Conwell

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Crowe

Ms. Virginia K. Cundy

Ms. Linda Dees

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Downs

Eiland Chiropractic

Fouts Tractor Co., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Haskew

Mrs. James F. Hinton

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Honeycutt

Mr. and Mrs. Michaea James

Ms. Susan Lowe Jones

Joy's Flowers, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kimberley

Mr. Gregory Mazzaferro

McFarlin Huitt Panvini, Inc

Mr. Robert McKay

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMurray

Mr. and Mrs. Criag Mealer

Ms. Charlotte Millican

Mr. Bo Nichols

Paradise Lanes, Inc.

Piggly Wiggly #1

Mrs. Beth Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rudolph

Sara Smith

Mrs. Mary St. John

Mr Randy Stephens

Mona Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Cam Whorton

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Adams

AT&T Telephone Pioneers of AL

Mr. Greg Cobb

Finlayson Landscape Design

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Holman

J Bradley Outfitters

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Livengood

Mark Perkins and Rose Marie Allenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Joe McComb

Dr. and Mrs. Donald McCorkle

Mr. and Mrs. Bob McElroy

Mr. and Mrs. John C. McLean

Morgan Electric

Jamey Norman

Ms. Alyce Raley

Mr. and Mrs. George Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Roe

Mrs. Angela Sauls

Mrs. Nell Scott

Mrs. Mickey H. Stephens

Mr. Hardin Tidmore

Mr. and Mrs Jack W. Torbert

Dr. and Mrs. John Wallace

Ms. Angela Watts

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Wiggins

Tee Shots Golf

Ray Malone Trucking

Mr. Joel Lonnergan

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baranov

Mrs. Sarah Haynes

Ms. Libby Mallory

Mal's Lewelers

Ms. Carol Mullinax

Mrs. Keith Pitts

Ms. Ruth Rigby

The Sparrow's Nest

Mr and Mrs. Mike Welch

Mr. Larry Payne

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adams

Ms. Patsy Buel

Mayor Terry John Calhoun

Ms. Latricia Denise Glass

Mr. Fern Henderson

Col. and Mrs. W.B. Hendry

Mrs. Leah Jones

Christopher Klinner

Mrs. Betty Lassen

Papa Johns Pizza

Ms. Anne Shumaker

Dorris Wandke

Ms. Ellen Weiland

Mr. Bryan Bishop

Ms. Dana Fleming

Just Creations

Dr. Darryl E. Harris, Sr.

Gadsden Lions Club

Mr. and Mrs. Cory Ricard

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Little, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Mynard

Caryn Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Sherrod

Amy Adams

Ms. Elizabeth Adcock

Alabama Bankers Association

Alabama Senate

Respiratory Care Alabama Society for

Ms. Shirley Alford

Ms. Clarice Alldredge

Ms. Mamie L. Allen

Mr. Robert Allen

American Lumber

Mr. Brian Anderson

Ms. Monica Anderson

Mrs. Margaret G. Artz

Ashmore Brothers Inc.

Mr. Alex Asis

Ms. Debbie Atkins

Mrs. Josephine E. Ayers

Mr. David Ayres

Ms. Mary Bailey

Mr. Cliff Baker

Baker Tire

Bar B Q Bob's

Amanda Barbao

Dr. S. B. Barker

Simone and R. Lee Barnes

Mrs. Ernestine Battles

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Battles, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Beavers

Mr. and Mrs. Murray Beck

Senator Ann Bedsole

MS. Arlene Benefield

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Benton

Bethlehem Baptist Church

Miss Debra Beverly

Ms. Sanne Bissey

Mrs. P.S. Blalock

Boaz Printing, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Boden

Mr. and Mrs. Dani Bone

Ms. Sloan Borochoff

Ms. Chari Bostick

Ms. Gloria Bowman

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Boyd

Ms. Mary Nell Bozeman

Dr. Sam Brewer

Ms. Annette Brothers

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Broughton

Dr. Elise Brown

Mrs. Louise P. Brown

Susan Broz

Mr. Mark J. Bryant

Ms. Sheryl H. Burrage

Tyson Burwell

Mrs. Mary Camp

Ms. Jena Anne Campbell

Ms. Cris Camplin

Ann Cardin

Mr. Phil Carr

Mr. and Mrs Michael Carter

Ms. Teresa Chamblee

Ms. Beth Champion

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Chapell

Mr. Brian E. Chatman

J. C. Cherry

City of Rainbow City

Ms. Jillian R. Clark

Mrs. Izora L. Collins

Mrs. Fred S. Cooper

Ms. Leigh Corfman

Mr. Jimmy Couch

Country Cottage

Mr. Richard Crabtree

Dr. Brenda Crowe

Mark Dailey

Ms Mary Daugette

Ms. Pam Davis

MS. Yvonne Davis

Dr James Deatherage

Mr. Gerald Diggs

Mr. Tyler Dixon

Mayor Robbie Douglas

Mr. David Draper

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Duvall

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dziesinski

Mr. Wayne East

Ms. Abbie Echols-Ashley

Vann Edge

Ms. Pat Edwards

Ms. Linda Elliott

Ms. Juanita P. Elrod

Ms. Frances Entrekin

Mrs. Virginia Ruth Essary

Mrs. Kathleen Estes

Wendy Etter

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Eugenias

Mr. Patrick Faress

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Findley

First Bank of Boaz

First Equity Mortgage, Inc

First Family Medicine

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Font

Fowler's Insulation & Termite Protection

Free Enterprise LLC

Mr. and Mra. Gus Freibaum

Mr. Brad Frost, D.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Funk

Gadsden Alliance Church

Gadsden City Pharmacy

Gadsden Etowah YMCA

Gadsden Vineyard Church

Mr. Larry E. Garner

Mr. Michael David Garner

Ms. Thelma Garrison

Mr. Yale R. Garry

Gas Logs and Heaters

Ms. Susan Gates

Geraldine Drugs

Geraldine Parts

Mark and Tammy Gidley

Ms. Nora Sue Glenn

Ms Dorothy Goodwin

Ms Wendy Goodwin

Dr. Brooke Gorham

Jimmie Goswick

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Grace

Dr. Barry Gravitt

Gravitt Chapel AME Church

Mr. Kevin Gray

Mr. Randall Gregerson

Mr. and Mrs. William Griffin

Mr. Earl Griffith

Grissom Motors

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gron

Mrs. Margaret Grubb

Representative Jane Gullatt

H & R Motors

Ms. Alice Haley

Mr. Terry L. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hamby

Mrs. Sherrie Hamil

Ms. Jeanis M. Hamilton

Ms. Cindy Hardin

Harp and Clover

Mrs. Georgia Harris

Mr. Kelly Harwood

Ms. Mary Hawkins

Ms. Margaret Haygood

Ms. Sandra Head

Leigh Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. David Herrod

Ms. Jamie Higgins

Mrs. Jessie M. Hilliker

Ms. Phyllis Hinton

Miss Jean Hoffman

Mrs. J. B. Hollingsworth

Gloria Holt

Ms. Ruth Holtrop

Ms. Jo Ella Hood

Rachel Houghton

Adelaide Houston

Ms. Sonya Hubbard

Ms. Hazel Hulsey

Mrs. Bettye Thompson Hurst

Ms. Ann Hyde

J & J Internet Marketing Inc.

J.N.J. Associates

Mr. George Jackson

Mr. Raymond J. Jackson

Mrs. Grace James

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Johnson

Ms. Linda Johnson

Johnson's Giant Foods, Inc.

Ms. Jennifer Johnston

MS. Imogene S. Jones

Ms. Bhavani Kakani

Ms. Paula L. Keck

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Keck

Mr. Earl Keel

Ms. Gelaine Kelley

Mr. David B. Keown

Mr. Grover Kitchens

Ms. Barbara Klein

L. Kianoff & Associates, Inc.

Miss Kioshana La Count

Ms Kioshana Lacount

Drs. Lamarche & Stainback

Rick and Deborah Lankford

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lapsley

Mrs. Stuart D Larsen

Ms. Kellie Lasseter

Ms. Kristy Lawless

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Lee

Melissa Leslie

Ms. Karen Liddell

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lloyd

Mrs. L. R. Lonnergan

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Ludwig

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Lybrand

Mr. Jerry Mabrey

Mr. Timothy Madden

Mrs. Perry Marci

Ms. Annie L. Martin

Mr. Mitch Martin

Ms. Virginia Mellor Martin

Mrs. Ophelia Massey

Mr. Paul A Mattingly

Mr and Mrs Ronald Mayes

Mayfield Dairy Farms

Ms. Diahanne K. McBride

Mrs. T. L. McCartney

MS. Sheila McCarty

Mr. Buddy McCay

McDaniel Tom's Sales, Inc.

Ms Patsy McElrath

Ms. Thelma McGibbon

Ms. Kelly McManus

Ms Selma McMinn

Mr. Kevin McMurry

Ms. Betty McNutt

Mrs. Louise McSpadden

Mr. and Mrs. John U. Mears, Jr.

Ms. Vickie Meeks

Ms. Courtney Mefford

MS. Jerri Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller

Mobile County Legislative Delegation

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moon

Mrs. Alice Moore

Ms. Leah Moore

Ms. Nancy Moore

Mr. Floyd Morell

Morgan Funera Chapel

MS. Susan Morgan

Mr. Nelson K. Morrow

Mr. Ken Moss

Moxie Salon

Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Ms. Lisa Murdock

Mr. Hal Murphy

Ms. Regina Nail

Mackenzie Nall

Mr. Larry Napper

Nationwide Insurance

Pat Nelson

Mr. Paul Nichols

Ms. Mary F. Nix

Mr. Newman R. Nowlin

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nugen

Ms. Ginger Otts

Mrs. Catherine K. Owens

Oxford High School

Ms. Mary Palacios

Ms. Bertha Parker

Ms. Nancy Parker

Mr. Steve Parnell

Ms. Tiffany Parnell

Ms. Julia T. Parsons

Party Zone Fireworks

Ms. Lucile Peeples

Ms. Gracie Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Phillips

Ms. Dot Pippin

Ms. Tawana Pitchford

Ms. Becki Posey

Mrs. Whitney Price

Mr. Steve Pruet

Mr. William L Raber

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Radcliffe

Mrs. Polly Ragan

Mrs. Loreen Rains

Ms. Frances T Ralls

Mr. Steve W. Reagan

Ms Amy Beddingfield Reaves

River Bank & Trust - Auburn

Mr Kenneth Roark

Mrs. Alice A. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Robinson

Ms. Dorothy Rogers

Royce Head Construction

Ms. Sue Sadler

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Sanders

Mr. Larry Sanders

Ms. Raleigh P. Sarazen

Ms. Mary Schilleman

Mr. George Sears

Mr. Kermit Seubert

Ms Jeria Sharp

Ms. Sarah S. Shew

Ms. Tricia Shipman

Ms. Faye Sims

Mrs. James D. Sims

Jane Sims

Mrs. Joel L. Sims

Ms Karen Sims

Mr. Randy Sitz

Dr. Ken Skelton and Dr. Jonathan Goodin

Mr. Henry Small

Mr. James R. Smith, II

Mitchell and Martha Smith

Ms. Sherry J. Smith

Dr. Stephen D. Smith

Mr. Swing Smith

Southeastern Chemical, Inc.

Belinda Sparks

Mr. and Mrs. Robert St John

Ms. Helen Stanford

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Stegall

Kent and Debbie Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stewart

Mr. Jason Stinson

Mr and Mrs George E Stoddard

Mrs. I. P. Stokes

Mr. Jeff Summerlin

Ms. Estelle P. Swann

Mr. Allen Sweat

Mr. Dennis Tarkington

Ms. Gina Tate

Ms. Lois Tate

Mr. Dale Taylor

Ms Glenda Taylor

The Advertiser Gleam

The Woman's Club

Mr. James E . Thompson

Ms. Gerrie E. Tinker

Ms. Alystia L. Tobie

Mr and Mrs Ron Towers

Mr. Jimmy Trotter

David Tucker

Mrs. Toni Tully

Mr. Sam Tunstall

Ms. Angie Turner

Mr. Edward T. Turner

Mayor Bessie Twine

Mr. Billy Vance

Ms. Tarva Vaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence D. Vinson, Jr.

W. E. Salmon, Inc. DBA- Piggly Wiggly

Ms. Eva Wade

Kelly and Kevin Wade

Ms. Myra Wagnon

Mary and Jackie Waites

Ms. Ginger Ward

Dr. Josephine Warner

Ms. Helen Watkins

Letitia Watkins

Ms. Betty Welk

Dr. and Mrs. Boyce J. White, Jr.

Jessic Whittaker

Ms. Elizabeth Whorton

Mr. Herbert Wiggins, Jr.

Ms. Candice Rose Wilkerson

Ms. Elaine D. Williams

Ms. Lisa Williams

Kamryn Williamson

Ms. Frances Wilson

Ms. Joy Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Colin Windham

Ms. Martha Winslow-Cole

Wisteria Club

Ms. Carolyn R. Wood

Dr. Robert D. Woodall

Ms. Tiffany Angle

Mr Gary Cushen

Ms. Sally Griffith

Ms. Carol Hubbard

Ms. Annette Little

Ms Monte McGee - Weldon

Ms. Tina Mobayed

Plimpton Contruction and Devlopment

Rod and Evelyn St Clair

Ms. Katy Sunday

Yvonne and Gene Wade

Ms. Elizabeth Scott

Abdullah Yousef and Hamzah Yousef Alabbasi

Ms. Helen W. Bailey

Mrs. Wallace Baker

Baldy & Barbara

Ms. Karen Baltz

Ms. Annatte Barnett

Mr. Wayne Baswell

Ms. Shirley Beaube Batey

Ms. Anne Batie

Ms. Rita Battles

Diane and Reb Beck

Mr. Larry Blankenship

Ms. Ginny Boman

Mr. and Mrs. John Bridges

Ms. Joey Brinkley

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Buchanan

Mr. and Mrs. James Byers

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Byram

Church Street Pharmacy, Inc. DBA Super Bee Pharmacy

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark

Ms. Charlotte Coby

Mr. Bob Coley

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Collier

Ms. Mandi Cornutt

Ms. Sharon Crocker

Mrs. Lyndra Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Davidson

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dawson

Ms. Amy Dillard

Ms. Kandi Dodd

Edenwood Reunion Money

Mrs. T. H. Evans

Ms. Sonja V. Farrow

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fornwalt

Mrs. Liz Freeman

Dr. Howard Friedman

Carmela Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gardner

Ms. Barbara Garmon

Ms. Stacey Garmon

Class of 1947 GHS

Mr. Mike Green

Mr. and Mrs. Don Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harp

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Harrington

Alvon A. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Harvey

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Head

Mr. Andrew D. Hester

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hill

Ms. Sara Ivey

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Jelks

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Johnson

Ms. Staci Jones

Mr. Larry Keener

Mr. and Mrs. William Kemp

Ms. Rosanna Lancaster

Las Brisas

Jennifer Ledbetter

Ms. Cathy Lett

Mr. and Mrs. Steve MacMillan

Ms. Irene Maddox

Ms Stephanie Martin

Teressa Martin

Miss Janae McClam

McClellan Chiropractic

Mr Robin Mcclellan and Mrs. Tasha McClellan

Karrie and Patrick McCutcheon

Michael's Jewelers

Mr. Paul Millirons

MS. Stacy Morgan

Mr. Bonny Murphree

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Myers

Ms. Chelley Patterson

Ms. Ruth Paulding

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pearce

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pevsner

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Phillips


Jennifer Reavis

Mr. Jerry Rickles

Ms. Debra Riley

Ms. Paulette M. Riley

Ms. Amber Rodzik

Ms. Amber Roszik

Robert Royal

Mr. and Mrs. Suraj Sancheti

Mr. David Santos

Ms. Laura Satterfield

Mr. Christopher Shack

Deborah Sindorf

Dr. Byron Smith

Ms. Suzanne Springer

Ms. Rebecca Stafford

Mrs. Ada Lou Stokes

MS. Jackie Sullivan

Things of Desire

Ms. Debbie Ugolini

Ms. Cindy Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Wallace

Dr. William Warren

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Whiting

Miss Betty Mae William

Ms. Kathy Williams

Nettie Williams

Zenobia Williams

Materials Management Gadsden Regional Medical Center

Mr. Michael Bowdoin

Mr. Craig Lawrence

Nail Palace

Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Probus

Cleaners Hanger Company

Mr. Dwight E. Dillard

Elliott Senior Citizens

Gadsden State Technical Institute

Ms. Jane Murphy

Northeast Alabama Pediatrics

Pamela Rose

Ms. Dorothy M. Porter

Ridgeway Printing

Mr. Don Taylor

Willis & Boatner,P.C.

Mr. Michael Dulin

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Astin

Mr. H. L Baeza

Mrs. Helen J Belyeu

Cracker Barrell Old Country Store

Ms. Tammy Devin

Ms. Gina Garmon

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Goodwin

Ms Cynthia Graves

Mrs. Julia Gunn

Mrs. Judy Hatley

Ms. Jane Higgins

Mrs. Barbara Hirschowitz

Henry Holthof

MS. Julie Hood

Mrs. Betty Kent

Ms. Betty Littlefield

Mrs. Betty McCarver

Robert and Susan McMurry


Sai and Nanette Mudiam

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Newsome

Office Max

Mr. and Mrs. Sobert Oglesby

P.K. Yates Printing

Pope Memorial

Julie Puckett

Rainbow Beach

Sisters Family Hair Care, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Perry Thompson

Dr. Shan Tian

Mr. and Mrs. Ted. M. Turberville

Ms. Arlice Vinyard

Mrs. Mary Williams

Ms. Elsie Coleman

Krispy Kreme

Ms. Penny Wells

Remona's LaDiva Boutique

Traci Montgomery

David Cranfield

Agency Danny Clayton Insurance

A-1 Insulating Co.

Ms. Kaye Abel

Alpha Delta Kappa

Ms. Scottie Arbery

Ms. Sara Reynolds Banks

Pruett's Bar-B-Q

Bay Arts String Quartet

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bearden

Bell's Remodeling and Repairs

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Benefield

Col. Farley L. Berman

Birmingham Ceramic Guild

Ms. Martha Bishop

Mr. Steve Bishop

Mr. Elizabeth Blake

Mr. Billy Blevins

Mrs. Annette Borghini

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Briggs

Ms. Jessica Rich Broome

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brown

Ms. Vallery J. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bruce

Ms. Ann Rollins Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burns

Mr. John Burttram

Mrs. Catherine Cabaniss

Rev and Mrs. Richard Cagle

Mr. and Mrs. Max Campbell

Judge and Mrs. William Cardwell

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Carr

Ms. Edith Mae Cathey

Dr. David G. Chandler

Charles D. Easterwood Accounting Office

Commissioner Tim Choate

Ms. Patricia Cole

Mrs. Tibby Coley

Rev. and Mrs. Stuart Condra

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Connaly

Mr. Aldren Cornelius

Robert and Harriet Corpening

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Couch

Mr. John Covey

Miss Nancy T Cox

Ms. Jennifer A Creagan

Ms. Dorlene Crim

Mr. and Mrs. Willam Cummingham

Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Currie

Rhonda Davidson

Ms. Julia Davis

Mr. Wes Davis

Divine Consign

Mrs. Marianne Dye

Ms. Edith Dykes

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Edwards

Mrs. June Eller

Mr. and Mrs. E. L Emanuelson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs Cecil Fairchild

Mrs. Elaine Falcigno

Mr. and Mrs. Avery Ferguson

MS. Sue Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Gibson

Ms. Sammie Ella Graham

MS. Bonnie L. Green

Mr. Arther Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Guest

Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Hamilton

Mrs. William Virgil Hammond, Jr.

Ms. Yvonne Harris

Mr and Mrs Bill Hays

Mr. Andrew Hendon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Herbstreet

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Herring

Ruby Hill

Ms. JoAnn Hinkle

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Hogue

Dr. Michael M Hux

Sigis Ilry

Mr. Robert Inglis

J and M Markers and Associates

Ms. Tammy Jackson

Ms. Beth Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kallus

Ms. Lisa Kemmerlin

Ms. JoAnna Kemp

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kifer

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kilcoune

King Arthur Jewelry

Mr. Bill Kinzer

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kloskowskii

Mr. Ken Kulas

Ms. Louise Laird

Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Rev. James C. Lane

Lang's Tropical Fish

Dr. Richard Lee

Ms. Catrine Legander-Kahn

Mr. Christopher M. Lightsey

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Lindstrom

Lisa's Gifts and Accents

Livingston Chapel AME Church

Mrs. and Mrs. David C. Livingston

Ms. A.T. Lonnergan

Lowery Manufacturing Company

Mr. Williouse Malone

Ms. Marie Manning

Mr. Charles Martin

Mrs. Spiro Mastoras

Mr. and Mrs. James Mathews

Ms. Kristi Matlock

Lloyd and Diane Matthews

MCA Consulting, LLC/ Michael Arthur

Ms. Karen McColpin

Mr. Mike McGlaughn

Ms. Sharon McGruder

Michael Scott Hair Design

Ms Nancy Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. David Mobley

David H. Myer

Mr. and Mrs. Oran Nail

Mr. and Mrs. John Nichols

Mr. Keith Norris

Mr Grady Norton

Okeyo Opiyo

Ms. Jane Padgett

Fr. Brad Page

Ms. Patricia A. Parker

Ms. Jamie Payton

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pendley

Mr. Norman Perry

Pippin Cleaners & Furriers, Inc.

Ms. Margaret Pope

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Post

Ms. Elizabeth Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Prater

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Priddy

Mrs. Evans Purdy

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rebarchik

Ms. Ashley Reeves

Mr. Greg Roberts

Ms. Janice Marie Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Roe

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H Rogers

Mrs. Betty Rutenberg

Ms. Mary Simmons Ryle

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Sawyer

Ruth H Schaefer

Joan Schooley

Mr. and Mrs. Winifoed Sharpe

Mrs. Betty Shew

Mr. Emmet Smith

Ms. Barbara Spears

Mr. Aryeh Spero

Judge and Mrs. Donald Stewart

Stitches Embroidery Service

Gary Stratton

Charles Swanson

Taekwondo Plus

Target Pest Management

Mr. Tom Terry

The Stone Market

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. David Tommie

Ms. Barbara Van Landingham

Mrs. Mary Vann

Ms Vickie Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Violett

Mr. Billy Waldrop

Mr. and Mrs. John Walker

Ms. Laurie D. Wardlow

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Weaver

Ms. Elizabeth Westerman

Ms. Sandra White

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Williams

Mr. Tim Willoughby

Ms. Betty Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Wilson

Mr. Gerald Wilson

Senator Stephen R. Windom

MS. Glorisa Wood

Mr and Mrs Mike Yother

Mr. and Mrs. Jody Young

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zema

Bubbles Auto Wash



Mr. and Mrs. James Beddingfield

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bibby

Blackwell Agency - Allstate

Ms. Julie Bowen

Mr. Richard Bruce

Kasey Cobb

Ms. Rita Collier

Mrs. Evelyn Junkins Creed

Ms. Pattie Smith Crocker

Mrs. Gayle Culp

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dagostin

Mr. Tommy Day

Ms. Jennie Dobson

Mr. Greg Edwards

Debra Elrod


Mr. E-Chao Fang

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Farmer

Food World

Mr. Harley Goble, Jr.

Mrs. Virginia S Grant

Store Great Earth Vitamin

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harris

Mrs. Lisa Holliday

MS. Mary Hubbard

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Hyde

Bill Ingwersen

Mr. and Mrs. Houston Jenkins

Ms. Essie Ray Johnson

Lanue Johnston

Kinsey's Keepsakes

Tinley Kirby

Knight's Flooring

Ms. Cheryl Lambert

Leatherby Memorial

Mr and Mrs James Marks

Mr. Robert Martens

Mr. Micheal McGee

Ms. Margaret McRee

Mr. and Mrs. Zac Megois

Ms. Libby Millar

Ms. Betty C Moore

Ms. June Musgrove

Ms. Ruth Nelms

New York Times Newspaper

Mr. Ken Nix

Mr and Ms Rex Noah

Mr. Ricky Noell

Ms. Christina Oneil

Sandy Ponder

Ms. Dee D. Pruett

Ms. Jacklynn Roberson

Representative Howard Sanderford

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Shealy

Ms. Mary Simmons

Southside Pharmacy

Mrs. Hugh Strickland

Janie Strickland

Ms. Phyllis Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Turner

Mrs. Laura H. Wragg

Tewana & Co.

Mr. Steve Rogers

Dairy Queen

Ms. Becky Hulsey

Mr. Dewayne Spivey

Ms. Terri Abel

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Ashley

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Bailey

MS. Katie Barber

Ms. Nancy Barton

Ms. Elizabeth Battles

Mr. Allen Bearden

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bryant

Ms. Elaine Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Colburn

Jean Corlett

Ms. Angela Couch

Current Topics Literary Club

Ms. Robin Derrick

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dolberry

Mr. Leo Dollahite

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Downey

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Ellison

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Faulkner

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fulmer

Mr. and Mrs. Wade Handley

Ms. Leslie Harvey

Ms. Kimberly Hill

Ms. Natalie Holland

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hood

Ms. Kate J. Jackson

Mr. Roger James

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Justus

Mr. and Mrs. Jody Keene

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lankford

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Lasseter

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lasseter

Ms. Tracy Lovelace

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Meek

Ms. Brandy Mills

Ms. Michelle Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Morton

Ms. Melanie Nelson

North Ala Family Practice, PC

Ms. Paula O'Barr

Ms. Betty Patton

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pentecost

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Phillips

Red Lobster Restaurant

Mr.and Mrs Anthony F. Reppucci

Mary Ann Reynolds

Rivertown Coffee House Cafe

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Roland

Ms. Stephanie Rush

Ms. Bethanne Sansbury

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Snead

Mr. and Mrs. Dantley Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Waddell

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wall

Ms. Donna Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. John Wetzel

Ms. Lesley Whittemore

Ms. Sorine Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Wills

Mr. and Mrs. George Wurtele

Starbucks Coffee

Mrs. Trilby Hendrix

Ara Bain

Ms. Lynne Bishop

Mrs. Ollie Brindley

Mr. D. Bruce

Ms. Marilyn Bryant

Ms. Lita D. Carlson

Horace Carson

Charlie's and Casey Pit and Grill

Mrs. Margaret Clevenger

Ms. Gloria C. Collier

Ms. Connie Crandall

Ms. Corie A. Daniel

Ms. Laura Daugherty

Ms. Heather Doe

Don Foreman

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Freeman

Ms. Debbie Freeman

Mr. Donald Garrett

Ms. Martha Gowens

Ms Rhonda Hammett

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hand

Ms. Helen Hinkle

Mr. and Mrs. James Hudson

Mr. C. R Johnson

Mr. Christopher Jones

KC's Hair Design

Leopards and Lillies, Inc.

Ms. Linda Lipscomb

Mr. Barton Lowe

Joel McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milwee

Ms. Sharon Padgett

Ms. Tina Phillips

Mrs. Claudia C. Reach

Mr. Gary Ryan

Ms. Juanita Shackelford

Ms. Melanie Shew

Ms. Donna L. Smith

Mr. Michael A. Swiger

Mr. Detrick Tilley

Mr. James H. Vinson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Vinyard

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vissing

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Wadkins

Mr. Michael A Walters

Mr. Wayne Watts

Ms. Clara R Williams

Ms. Courtney Williams

Pastor James Herring

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Abel

Mr. and Mrs. Denise Brock

Ms. Faye Burt

Mr. and Mrs John Curtis

Mrs. Wilodene Daniel

Ms. Sheri Davis

Ms. Daureen Dugas

Jason Emanuelsen

Dakota Gillard

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Griffith

Mr. Christopher H. Griffith

Ms. Michelle Griffith

Ms. Christine Hall

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Kelly

Ms. Vernalie Packs

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Powers

Mrs. F. W. Thomas

Ms. Kennedy Vice

Ms. Kimberly Drain

Mrs. Margaret Drenner

Mr. Daniel Hopper

Ms. Marlion Maddox

Mr. James Pruitt

Ms. Jane Thompson

Ms. Doris Baswell

Mr. and Mrs. Berthiawme

Ms. Angie Broome

Ms. Pattie Broome

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Burnett

Ms. Rachel Cook

Ms. Laura Dvan

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Estes

Mr. Loyd Ezell

Ms. Barbara Gandy

Mr. and Mrs. James Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Harbison

Mr. John Hendrix

Mr. Mitch Hollis

Teresa Johnson

Ms. Sue Kilgore

Ms. Marisha McCord

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mullins

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nelson

Ms. Mary L Owen

Ms. Kay Pugh

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Purkey

Mr. Ronald E. Reid

Mr. Stephen Shores

Ms. Rhonda Strawn

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thompson

Mr. Brian Whatley

Mr. Daniel Whitlow

Ms. Rhonda Henry

Ms. Kelly Kirk

Mr. Joie Messer

Mr. Joe L. Williams

Mr. Juarus Rawls